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This is amazing, but please add diagonal movement

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For some reason I can't talk outside of battle. Can't disable necromancy on my skeleton to let Le'Garde in my party
I was playing as Enki and I had a skeleton and moonless in my party. Also I was holding a lit torch. Actually no skills were usable. Suicide was also grayed out. Probably a bug

Great game, but it has many bugs. Pots are very buggy. Chosing to put an item in an unselected pot causes the looping sound. Placing them next to eachother can cause items in the one below to become inaccessible. Also loading the game messes up the entire map. Starting the new game without exiting to desktop messes up the character list, producing empty slots, or "double" characters. I hope those bugs will be fixed soon. Also is there a way to make my characters act on their own? It becomes tidious to manage more than four at once

Ohh I see. So sinse the game is font based, larger font makes everything larger? That's neat. Fullscreen option is still needed though

The window is too small. It's unplayable on my syste