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That would be really good! I'm waiting :)

AHHHHHHHHHHH MY FUCK*NG FINGER IS BURNING. Now... Seriusly... this game is abstract but it is really funny to play. 10/10. 

This bug happened to me once but I wasn't recording so I started recording and if the bug happens again, I'll have it on video. Well, that happened, and here is a video that I uploaded to my youtube account because for some reason I wasn't able to export the video but here it's the bug.

I don't know what type of laptops are those that don't have left and right click but I completely understand your situation. If you can see how to make the camera and controls more dynamic, the game will be better :)

It's really good but you have to make the left mouse click to attack and the right one to defend. It's just a tip I would make

Neighbor community · Created a new topic Awesome Game

This game is awesome! It's a bit short but it's really good! Continue like this!

I don't wanna be so bad but this game... this game is... well... it's bad... i'm sorry but you have to make the game more fast and dynamic. I'm sorry dude.

Yo te recomendaria hablar en ingles para que te entiendan

I'm not a video game designer but I understand perfectly how confusing was programing this game. Good luck designing the levels! (Sorry for my bad english, but that's because I originally talk spanish)

I peed myself you little piece of sh

WoW great game !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love the art style of the game! The game in general is almost perfect. In my opinion you need to add a "Push" button. Not only Pull. Because if you want to put a piece on the corners you can't. You have to add skins to the frog too. But if you don't want I understand it.
Which number would I give it? A 10/10, a game that's funny and doesn't have end.

Emmmmm... What can I say about this game? Well... One, fullscreen mode has to be in. Two, you have to put more variety. Three, I played five minutes and I wanted to go to another game. Sorry

Yes Yes no problem! I know what's the jam about, but If you move looking directly at the screen It gets confusing. Really Good!

Dude I peed myself you little piece of sh

This game is amazing but with the time gets confusing


I like the game but for some reason I can't move the camera. Is it my mouse or what? It snaps to the center. I would like your answer

really good but that's the unique bug.

i didn't understanded the game. The game looks good but I didn't understanded it. 

This Game is amazing. It's quite confusing but It's really good. I hope you make more levels so the game is longer.

This game is awesome but it needs fullscreen and more levels. Really good the game !

this demo (I think it's a demo) is hard because the floor is like ice and I am like butter. You should make the floor less icy.  Three Stars