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it just stop stucking

I too, but I "unstuck" by pressing Windows button, right click in mainbar to Minecraft Clone and choose "Close App"

Windows 32bit version?

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999999999999999999999999999999999999999, I think...

You can use RMB to slow-mo...

I don't know sir...

Thank you, guy. Thank you so much.

Thanks too...

No, just cut the sprite sheet into separate images and zip it. Otherwise, thanks for wanting to help me.

That's good tile set, and color him can everybody. But this tile set needs something, and it's characters.

Is this a sprite sheet? Please, can you make a .zip file? The engine in which I develop games does not support sprite sheets, but only sprites.

Thats mad!!! :D

Good work. Just keep going. I don't think the Prince of Persia will beat it, but the idea is great. And the levels are interesting, but it would take a touch of that atmosphere (like horror games). Otherwise quite nice. I wish you a pleasant development and don't have too many bugs there.

I was only on TriJam 63, this is my second jam (first graphic jam)

Ok, I believe you, but see on my Asset Jam 11 project.

Only one low polygon tree, seriously, this is your work???!!!

You are worst builder

I can do multiplayer, but I don't know if you want it there or not. For sure, I ask you, because I will not play it, but you, and therefore I do not want to make you uncomfortable playing and a lot of other, often quite used things. I'm thanking for every feedback. Greetings to your developer, radarjamer2070

Hello Dani, I have little problem.

I don't have 64bit system, only 32bit. Can you make 32bit version?

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Thanks. This game is great, but you only need a small problem (for example: this one) and the game is ruined...

This game was nice, you made this game in Construct 3, right?

I find little problem, if you wrecked, game is not restarted...

Yes, I know.

It's true...

Hey, I created a game jam where you have to make the craziest game possible. The name of the game jam is Totally Mad Game Jam and if you want you can sign up here.

Awesome and hard game (I like hard games)!!!

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Look, I thought people might be wet. (Beware, SPOILERS for the second version)

(I had such an idea (here comes the challenge) and that was if you wet people too much, they will disappear. You have to let them dry and then again you can moisten. When they get too wet, they disappear. And when no one is left, the end. And you're starting again.)

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Sorry, I know about this bug. When Trijam ended, I publish second version with bug fixes...

What i'm do, if game writes me: GLctx is undefined

You copied the idea I came up with, in the same jam. See here

Nice puzzle game. I like it!

Can you make more versions of Totally Mad Game Jam. You can vote here

Hi, may I ask what game engine you are using, I Construct 3. I appreciate the effort to draw, but I admit, you are not very good ... Otherwise, you could look at my project in Trijam 63 And could you please join my Totally Mad Game Jam. Here is the link

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Wow, this game was nice. Better than my game for trijam 63:D

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Hi, the goal of the game is to keep people raining as much as possible to earn points. The more points, the better for you. By the way, let's get back to that number of people. The point indicators are not meant to tell how many people are there, but to communicate the hit. Every raindrop that touches a person gives a point. In the future I plan menus, upgrades, lightning etc. For information, I made this game in 3 hours. Otherwise thanks for the feedback.