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racing moth

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ill think about it but honestly i dont think im going to update the game anymore

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go right ahead!

i think there is a bug, you can walk through brown doors without unlocking them

thats really cool!

thanks for playing!

find the code in the green door section

ben do you support blm?

ben do you support lgbtq?



lmao ty

idk upload to youtube and send link or something

lol how send me a vid if you can

well now that ive updated the game its a bit out of date but it should still be fine  for everything except the "maze"

lmao thanks. lmk if theres anything you would like to see added


thx u

whoever paid $2 for this bless your soul but you have too much money lmao

ok, ill try think of something

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should just come up like this, make sure youre playing the browser version

the main menu one?

thats ishowspeed - shake

spoiler alert, i broke something

but i fixed it now!


ok 👍

i probably should do that, though i dont plan on adding much more to the game, would rather just work on a new one.

i reallly dont know how they did that i deleted it, i think it might be to do with me not writing any rules for the database that stores all the times lol


sure why not lol ill make one now

will do

i would but you also need to sprint and interact with e so it wouldnt make much sense to be constantly moving your hand around


thanks ill try fix all of these

it goes to like a generator that lures ben away but its practically useless lol

bro you guys are speedrunning the game too much its gonna break i swear and idk how to fix it cuz it loads the whole list every frame 😭😭

i cant fix it thats just how long the fortnite vault opening sound effect is 😬😬😬

idk if this helps but if you wait ben does eventually walk into the safe, but it takes an extra few seconds so idk if that would be viable when trying to get a good time

not for long...