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your game is not n-gage inspired, it is not the right resolution which breaks rule one so you game will be disqualified.

there is a whole other game jam that is about making games that are 64x64 pixels, go look at some of their submissions:

You can submit whatever you make in whatever state it’s in

The theme is:


have fun, my little sinners~

there is definitely enough ammo to kill the final boss

oops, i meant to post this in the thread i made lmaooo

well, this thread needed some positivity anyways.

>69 joined

heh heh, nice

sorry, I don’t work with people unless I know them pretty well

no problem

I might not be able to make something big, but I'd love to participate and make a small little game. :3

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It does not need to run on the N-gage, this jam is for PC / Browser games! This jam is for N-gage *inspired* games.

I understand your confusion though, it's alright. :3

edit: I updated the jam page to make this more clear, thank you!

Hello, please post your questions about the jam here (if you have any) instead of creating a new thread.

Awful game, would love to see something less from you, maybe nothing /j

no 😇

It's a reference to how Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy is also tagged as psychological horror on steam.

it is possible to play the game with controller, but yeah I probably should have just added like arrow keys to move or something.

i'm gay

Very fun game, I enjoy 😃👍

erm, what the scallop

i did not have this on my bingo card



you have to turn on the “use controller” setting in the settings.

Also, no garentees it works with anything but an Xbox 360 controller because that’s what I tested it with

Funnily enough, like an hour after I commented that someone from Panic got back to me with a solution and now there is a fully fixed version up.

Thank you for your patience and I hope you enjoy the game :)

Hello again, 

I am currently talking with someone from Panic to try to figure out what happened to cause slowdown after a system update.

Until then I made a slightly more optimized version of the game that will be more playable. The menus should be more responsive. However, the map screen might still be pretty slow but you can still experience the game until I figure out a more robust fix.

The download is titled Heavy Trucking 1.01 (temporary slowdown patch).

Hello again, I tried the game before and after updating the console and it seems as though something changed on the system that is causing the game to slow down.

I am pretty confident that I can optimize game to be faster on this new update, but it will probably take me a about a week to get an update for the game.

I am sorry for the inconvenience.

Hello! I am very sorry to hear you are having issues. I am going to investigate and see if something is causing the slowdown.

is it possible to win this game? 

go to your AppData folder


The game is literally FREE

I’m done. This is just a waste of time at this point. lol 

Just look at literally everyone else loving the game and maybe reconsider.

I concur

Here's a screenshot of the map I took with only the strawberries and cassettes labeled, I think this along with your written guide will help anyone who might be missing some tasty tasty strawbs

It's a great 3d platformer and it is astonishing that they made it in just a week.

However, if you really hated it that much, I have good news for you! They put the source code up on GitHub so you can go try to make it better. :D

Or, if you really believe the game is beyond fixing, you can go download Godot and try making your own from scratch.

Good luck! I can't wait to see what masterfully crafted 3d platformer you can come up with! :D


Unfortunately, most people who could do that wouldn't want to.

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100% - 04:03:58:108

😎 such speed

Only 691 deaths also.

edit: screenshot

You’d almost definitely have to re-write the whole game from scratch for the Wii.


I am very much interested in making a level for this game, seems like it would be a fun level-design challenge.

The source code is up on github:

So it's only a matter of time. I've already done some changes to the game for fun :3