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i wish this was for windows


i would love to play this on a vid but i have no friends

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idk i was wondering because when i asked a question it seemed like there were multiple people working at future games

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it was pretty good just needs some sounds

play it on my vidlii

sry for the audio being weird at the beginning i fixed it later in the vid

how many people work at future games

made a vid playing this on my vidlii

btw all the vids on the webiste are like 240p or something like that

i can't control the quality of the vids when they get uploaded


i made a video playing this game but it has not come out yet sub to me to not miss it

this looks intresting i think i will make a video playing this

the coin sound is kinda delayed here is the vid link

nice but its annoying that i can not skip the cutscenes

that was my first attempt to

i think i gonna make a vid on this game soon

tried to speedrun it sry for no audio

i'm gonna make a video about this later

nice and simple

i made a video about the game

oh wait it was the last level that i had the bug

i recorded myself playing it and encountered a bug where i could not continue

it is cool but i think you should change the player sprite to be facing sideway

i tried to download but it said invalid upload

proably gonna make a video on this

i use windows and it crashes when i open it

fun but i think the enemys spawn to quickly

it keeps crashing

can i play it

how to jump

fun game

i can not jump

nice game

does not work fix i

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can you make it for windows

i want to try it

this game is not funny at al