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Bro I have plans on my own part for this game lol.

Edit: yea how long are yall gonna keep this project? Because like I'm saving up tons of money so I can donate atleast 2k to the project one day.

Yeah I turn off gay and zoophilia.

Arent you the one playing a dragon porn game too?

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Hey I went to the store and bought a new samsung just so I could play this game agian lol. Its just that fun the story is so good. Honestly spent like 5 hours playing this game, and I have  played through it 3 times now. Super excited for the upcoming update anyway. Good luck on the project!!!

Edit: And If your curious why I bough a new samsung it is because you cant get this game on iphone.

Offbrand BF4???

EZ beat it because I kept finding all the hidden guns, and things that gave you 200hp.


Dont have a mouse. Hence I cant play :/

Im the monster??? These goofy ahh kids dont even know how to walk without  knocking they head off the side of my train.

I feel like this game was made by some mad vegan in his grandmas basement?

This is so realistic in a way because I remember how my brother would get mad and do stuff like that. It used to hurt so bad.

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Breh what if im a child :/ And who said they were a child???

Not even gonna lie was kinda simping for Ms. Stretch.

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Found an OP combo 

5RND Burst Trigger

Blow up barrel 

Missle Munitions

And that Stock that is a barrel

Mainly so that the 5 round burst of missles are op. And the stock shooting 5 behind you. But thats useless so with  the blow up barrel which makes them richoceit makes it to where it bounces from the wall behind you and launches 10 bullets at a boss. Doing a lot more damage.  Got to level 300 before I lost interest, and was like damn this is too op.

Edit so no one has a seizure while reading that: Basically the bullets get shot behind you then bounce off the wall and launch forward towards the boss. shoot 10 instead of 5 at a time.

will there ever be an IPhone  download? I have an IPhone 11 if that helps with anything.

Like me rn

Dude I reached max everything and lost my save... Dude thats wack.

What is the password to the footlocker in room A3 ?

When will the next update be ?

No when I search it up on its the first one at the top on but idk i guess i will look in a minute.

Where can I find on browser ?

Cant find it by googling it. So I dont know.

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When do you think the game will be back for browser? I dont have the room for it on my computer thanks to World of tanks, War thunder, and World of Tanks Blitz.

Edit: And alot of steam games, such as Arma...

Can yall update it to HTML5 instead of flash so that browser play is achieveable?

Oh okay because I love the art. Very skilled artist whether it is you or not. But I like the game.


Next update ?

Yeah I found it out

Doesnt schools use lenovo 14e chromebooks... Thats wierd my guy.

Im back and flash doesnt work anymore...

Web version?

Ayo, why on Chrome OS ... ?

Zoom out your screen and you can see it. 

Zoom out your screen and you can see it.

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It wont let me scroll down either lmao Edit: Found out that if you minimize your screen it zooms out and you can read the rest and go to the next page

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What is the password to the footlocker in the bunker? Edit: And where can I find those Anti Radiation pills ?

They have a free patreon : /