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It works now :D

It looks like you uploaded the wrong file.
Why it try to turn on Steam whenever I try to play it? It doesn't work at all.

OMG Feel. So much Feel. I can't holding it. :ㅇ

GOTY for me.

Wow this is far greater than expected...

I really want to support this game but my credit card doesn't work on kickstarter. :(

HiHI, I love it.

Very interesting game. Clicker + board game + management = billient-!

I love this game.

I really like how it sound. Very relaxing.

Great game-!

I love this.

Hi, my antivirus program(bitdefender) keep deleting games' exe file.

Demo version and purchased version both.

I never seen bitdefender active this seriously(It even delete exe file when boot the windows-!)

So please check your game file.

ps. Sorry for my bad english.