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Thank you! I'd love to see what you end up doing with it, please share if you can! :)

Thank you!  
Yes, I love the bit generations series, I own most of them on the GBA, they're rare little gems. 
My game does indeed take great inspiration from Dotstream although I'd like to think I'm bringing some dynamism to the original formula, gameplay-wise.

Pretty cool! A save or password system would be nice though, I hit escape hoping it would pause and now my progress is lost :(

Thank you! :)

Thank you for following through!  
I can't seem to reproduce your problem.  
Could you take a screenshot? 

The point is to deliver an atmosphere and good gameplay. ;) I do need to add more tracks and variety in the endless mode.  
I'm not sure what you mean by the dash back and forth, though. Could you possibly mean the camera shake? Cause That's something I need to work on, still.

Thank you for your feedback! 

Thanks for downloading the demo and sorry to hear you're having trouble with it.
What platform are you on?
What is your native resolution?
What text box?