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Fr thank YOU! I really wanted to push that energy throughout the whole EP so that Obtain Heaven would be a great payoff, and I'm glad it worked out. Super glad you're inspired by this and my other stuff!

(also I really loved your "Item GET!" and "Notsureyet" songs! Keep up the good work and take care!)

THIS IS Y2K, and everything I love about the aesthetic. The cool synth house music, the 7/8 of the 2nd song, the business of it all never making me board, and that cover art... god damnit I need to play this game and give you all my money for it. So much effort into the world building and design of both the art AND music. I love it all!

Wow, thanks for the big feedback! I love seeing people pick at the intricate details and things I put into my songs, it really means a lot. I think this is my favorite thing I've made so far, so I'm glad you enjoyed it, too!

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Wow. Just wow. No one's ever taken a deep dive analysis into my musical work before, so thanks for that, first and foremost!

It's very interesting how you noted a LOT of things I was actively thinking about, whilst cramming in about 2-3 songs a day for the album. The breakdown for breathing room in space in "Galaxy Bound", picking up on how I repurposed my motifs all throughout, exploring a Crystal Cavern or an expansive, cultural Desert Planet, the often rock and baroque tones of Chaos' presence and their passion for interstellar conquest... Hell, you even picked up on LuppyLuppy, a song I had originally intended to be a race mini-game track against time for a McGuffin!

Overall, I'm very glad I could sell you on the tones of the songs I was going for, Chaos' intimidation, the musical world building, and the feeling of resolution in the OST. Within that whole week, I had nothing but a dream for a cool lil OST to make, and frankly, a SHIT TON of time on my hands! To be honest, I couldn't contain my giddiness when I saw you had analyzed the music theory of every song. Made me think about what I tend to compose, both consciously and subconsciously! I'm thoroughly glad you enjoyed every facet of the album I worked so hard to make (thanks for the 5 stars!)
 Hopefully, I'll be able to top this album one day.

See you next OST!

Thanks a million for supporting the album! The chaos tracks were my favorite ones to make near the end of production!

Thank you so much! I'm very glad I could make something of great variety and quality that you wouldn't usually listen to!

Thanks! They gave me a week so I wanted to get all that I could out into an album. My love for SNES and DS era games was high that week.

Thanks, this really means a lot! I wanted to make this album sound like it'd come straight out of a game I'd play as a kid. Glad you enjoyed the music.

Thanks, Space Girlfriend was a very Kirby inspired song! OMORI had some real bangers, too! "See In Your Fantasy" being my favorite chill song.

Thanks for the feedback! I was really inspired by the sounds and songs of the SNES and DS. I played a lot of Kirby games as a kid.

Thanks a bunch! I'm glad I was able to pull off the album art and 20 track size alone!

Thanks! I'm glad I could make the OST distinct enough while giving off that sense of nostalgia. As for the derivatives, I realized that I just loved going all out with the motifs and cinematic moments in my head! With more time to work on the album, I could've put more nuance into a few things, so I'm really happy people's criticism is giving me ideas for the future. Thanks again!

Thanks for the feedback, I'm glad you enjoyed the album!! Nostalgia did play a big part of making this OST, Milky Way Wishes (from KSS) being a main inspiration, and I did take the "reoccurring motif" ball and run with it. Glad I could give the album enough variety, too!

This is a great, kick-ass game, but I feel like controller inputs don't work, not detecting any controllers I use.

Nice simple gameplay and adorable art style! 🥰

A really solid, fun, and appealing arcade-style game! The scene transitions towards the next level are fun to watch, and getting to master the game through perfecting levels feels extremely rewarding! Nice balance of old school difficulty and fun platforming! Well worth the $5!!!   

Really fun, lots of level   variety and nice lil challenge!

This game was great on all accounts! Pixel art style is fun and magical, the sound design and music felt true to the genre (I loved the broom sfx!), and mouse controls felt so natural! I wish this got some sort of full game/story mode in the future.