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hello, there was an error in dinae's success balance but it is fixed now, if you re-download. hope you can get her good end!

hi, i'm so sorry there was actually an error in dinae's success balance. it is fixed now so it should be much more attainable! hopefully you can see her final CG, it is very lovely!

thank you for playing eleni's route! there was actually a small issue in the way the success was checked for her, but it's updated now. let us know if you have any problems after redownloading!

a small hint is to perhaps consider learning more about the history of the nightshade dragon, and of course, sitting next to salinger in his classes!

progression through his conversations may sometimes involve searching for him outside or working with him on a class project in the library. 

good luck!

hey! bugbear's route will be available soon, for now it's just a teaser!