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i loved it .. buuut you should make a Co- op version of the full game you make that would be Sick AF! here my reaction for your pleasure! 

I love it! 

Legitimately Great writing better than A LOT! of triple A titles! here my reaction

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This gave me Fears to Fathom Vibes! i loved it MAKE MOOORRRREEE!!! ❤

I hated it.. i loved it... i beat it.. it beat me.. 

great game Keep them coming, 

Recently played 3 analog horror games and this one is the First on the list i love this Subgenre! great game

Recently played 3 Analog horror games yours is last game on the List and i saved the best for last great Game i love this Sub Genre!

Recently played 3 Analog horror games yours is second on the List i love this Sub genre!

instead of just saying "this shit is ass".. Use you Big boy words and actually tell the developer why you didn't like it, saying something sucks without telling anyone why wont give the Dev's any insight.. This isn't the Steam comment section the Dev's actually read what you put here.. don't be a Goblin.. 

I loved it!, i hope you make it into a "full game" everything from the atmosphere to the use of lighting with the footade style..easy 7/10 

Really loved it i'm excited to see your next project! 

I love what you've added to this i Cannot wait to see where you take this and your future projects!

He's my Reaction oh yeah and i hate Jumping skill checks lmao...

I'd love to see you spend some real time on a title like this amazing lilt experience i'll have to check out your other work

I love the atmosphere you created with this game! the concept is brilliant, the UI bugged out on me but i still loved it


I really liked this it was subtle Yes very impactful can't wait to see more!

(Second Game in the Video)

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played it loved it, Amazing style! You have what it takes and cannot wait to see your next project! you got a follow bud!

"first game in the Video"

🔥A tremendous update🔥 

can't wait for March 23rd!

really good game! i Loved it!

make moooreee!!!! lol

sounds amazing can't wait!

lol i know you make original content bro i literally just ment around the mundane/ relatable jobs or workplace your games are great i wasn't meaning to say your not original, if that's how it came across,❤ 

I really enjoy your Work Niven ever since Primary colour man, i'd love to see you take your time making an original story surrounding something mundane like working at a store or office maybe something relatable, 

you have a great sense for story telling and i think if you really put just a touch more into atmosphere building and darker Visuals you could be one of the best like top 3 devs on Itch,  

not a bad game.. BUT! i think the pasing is hurt by some of the mechanics Keep up the good work i look forward to more games from you! 

i really enjoyed this game i got lost looking for *** ****** but atmosphere was incredible good job keep it up! 

I loved the stylization of this game I can't believe this is your first attempt  of a horror game I can't wait to see you grow as a horror Dev! here's my Vid 

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Great concept! i really like how it felt like a tribute to "The Eggplant man" - Nasubi

Not bad at all. looking forward to your next project!

Amazing little Experience!

I loved it 

i thought this game has some great mechanics i think i got lucky during the (changing halls) great jump scares and here's my Vid Reaction ❤ Premiers at 9:00PM 

lmao true!

if I see you have 1 more talent I'm literally calling the SCP foundation.. loved the game dude,  he's my Vid for your eyeballs 

looking forward to seeing mark give this a tickle, 

oh I'm sure I will!

I down loaded it maybe Saturday I think but honestly I think No sound scuffed  thing kind of works for it does that sound crazy? lol I'll check it out though, I'm interested to see the difference, 

Amazing can't wait to check out Nox remake next! Got me over and over and over Just like the original! (third game)

Actually well made!

A nice relaxing stroll through -SpOiLeRs- (second game)

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Nah you're wrong for that one bro... (first game)

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OOOOO!   I wonder if Markiplier will make a revisit to these too, I know he liked them,  maybe you could reach to him ? might be worth a shot, even though he's crazy busy a quick tweet from you might spark his interest, xD

ooo ok im going to have to check those out

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I think it was a Very Short.. BUT! very well done little experience did I poop .. no..  but a little wee came out lmao great lil game cant wait to see more "Third game"

for you're pleasure! 

I always love a nice little Looper,

and the Art style was nice it felt Retro but still modern you know what I mean?

Second game