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Why are the inscriptions in russian here? The author seems to be French. Just curious.

I literally don't get why you downvoted my comment or wherever you don't like it. Are you a bot?

> Hero's Hour might not be as beautiful as some of the original games
Do I say something about the beauty of the game?

Everyone who loves TBS already has HoMM3 anyway. So we definitely need a new experience. HH is the one. I don't like YouTuber's video because he didn't what to give the game a chance. Not to mention it was not completed at the moment. This is what my comment was about. Fix your head.

Same here. Looking for P8 file 👀.

Пока ходил по городу ловил вайбы "Южный Парк: Палка Истины". Мало, но очень красиво.

New 'Model Real Life V2' is much better on DC animated movies than 'Anime / Animation V1-V2' 🤔.

Everything that is not 'Encoding: Codec: H264' (H265 or AV1) goes blinking or has black half-transparent boxes on any model. Other options do not change anything, so the codec is the only one that matters. I checked the previous version - all is fine.

Yeah, new models produce a lot of black boxes and blinking. But GUI is better :-).

Totally want to see this game in Russian/Ukrainian/Polish languages. Commonwealth of Independent States has the biggest Heroes 3 community among other countries. is the biggest I think. I can help only with Russian and Ukrainian, but you can create a project on to allow other people to translate your game.

Heh, a Russian YouTuber strongly suggests spending money on any game from the original series, rather than on Hero's Hour. What to do if I already have all of them  🤷.

Create a to-do list and forum on Reddit 🤷🏻‍♂️.

  • Visible selection border for Hero and town and only then or on double-tap show hero inventory or town GUI.
  • Fullscreen interface for the hero, town, etc.
  • Better interface for hero item bag, draggable, bigger bag, etc. Split interface on tabs: artifacts, army, attributes, and skills. Like Heroes 5.

That's all for now.

Just bought a premium. Really cool update. I really hope you concentrate on fixing bugs and improving the GUI (bag of artifacts ... oh ...). As for me, the game has enough content, it's time to improve the quality 🤗.

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Everything is fine, the description for the game is very detailed. It's just that for me the game looks like an SRPG, where the selection and number of troops by 50-99% decides the success in the battle. But combat, in comparison with the rest of the mechanics, looks well, very weak. And just remains in the shadow of everything else. Not complaining at all 😉.

Yeah, it was clear from the very beginning. So an epic game, but combat is almost unaffected by the player. Maybe unit stacks and/or direct unit control are possible?

Turn based combat pleaaaase 🤦‍♂️

Thank you for your fantastic effort 🤟.