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R and R

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Might as well share my ideas... 

Stand Name: Rules and Regulations, R and R for short

Stand Owner: Temako Mitsuki

Power: A

Speed: B

Range: C

Durability: C

Precision: B

Developmental Potential: A

Rules and Regulations is a humanoid and sentient stand, but is very loyal to Temaki. R and R's ability is called Command, it enables R and R to place any type of command to any object, human or stand. The command placed can be triggered any time by R and R and it must be followed regardless of the stand or human's abilities. R and R is limited to 30 commands per day, but can place any no. of conditions to its commands, but if commands are longer and specific, it will also take longer to place the command. In order to place a command, Temako must be in complete mental focus in visualizing the command  while R and R makes physical contact to any object, human or stand. The object, human, or stand must also be capable of following the command, or else the command will be useless, for example, if he places the command "Combust" to a lake, it will be rendered useless since water is incapable of combustion. When a command is placed on a stand or a stand user, it expends some of Temako's blood, meaning continuous command placement on stands and stand users can inflict him with anemia, and if he has anemia, his mental focus will be disrupted and R and R's Command will be rendered useless unless he recovers.