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this looks super fun but it wont let me download it and it wont show up as claimed on my account for some reason even though I claimed it (abeit through a bundle)

i loved all the puns! i left the house but there were no end credits or anything, all i can do now is walk around the outside, is that how it ends or am i missing something?

that did help a lot! now i have to figure out how to deal with the hot blob and get the curiosity in front of the castle!

ive been able to get inside the mansion grounds three ways but i can only leave via the one ledge. in the kitchen i have only managed to figure out how to fight the hot potato. there is  a curiosity outside that i cant get to and i cant find any more curiosities inside although i get stuck when im in the basement 

this game is wonderful but i seem to be stuck. there are a lot of creatures that ive tried interacting with that does nothing, ive tried all of my curiosities with them and i cant find any more curiosities

it did this when i went to play the game after reinstalling it

I  dont know what a crash log is/ how to find it. i have windows 10, a Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU M 620 @ 2.67GHz processor, NVIDIA NVS 3100M video card, and 8 GB RAM 

any time i try to go back to the bus station. once i leave the bus station and go to the crossroads i cant come back to the bus station without the game crashing

it only lets me do one thing

does the game just end when you try to go back to the bus station because it crashes every time i try to go back

i can get to the save option, it just wont let me select a save slot

the way the game is, its extremely difficult for me to play

i keep on trying to download it but its having issues, i just thought i would let you know

i cant figure out how to even start the game

is there a max amount of horses?

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i really enjoy the game but i dont like having to start a new game every time i want to play because it wont let me save. 

edit: i figured out how to save, right clicking. but now it crashes when I reach level 5

edit again: right clicking doesnt save either, it just exits the screen

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I tried playing it and it froze around the green hallway and door with three locks and I couldnt tell if it was the game or my computer so after a while i exited the game. i think it might just be my computer that caused the issues but i honestly hope i will be able to fully play this 

edit: i restarted it and got to the end but couldnt figure out the code, i just need to play again and figure out what the code is

I wanted to play through this before i played through octodad deadliest catch but i am stuck on the end :(