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i can get to the save option, it just wont let me select a save slot

the way the game is, its extremely difficult for me to play

i keep on trying to download it but its having issues, i just thought i would let you know

i cant figure out how to even start the game

is there a max amount of horses?

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i really enjoy the game but i dont like having to start a new game every time i want to play because it wont let me save. 

edit: i figured out how to save, right clicking. but now it crashes when I reach level 5

edit again: right clicking doesnt save either, it just exits the screen

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I tried playing it and it froze around the green hallway and door with three locks and I couldnt tell if it was the game or my computer so after a while i exited the game. i think it might just be my computer that caused the issues but i honestly hope i will be able to fully play this 

edit: i restarted it and got to the end but couldnt figure out the code, i just need to play again and figure out what the code is

I wanted to play through this before i played through octodad deadliest catch but i am stuck on the end :(