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ct.js community · Created a new topic collision group

how does collision group feature work and how do implement the feature in code??

ct.js community · Created a new topic sprite composer

as, I'm learning the ins and outs of ct.js I decided to give the catmod SPRITE COMPOSER a try. apparently, I am doing something wrong or I have some code in the wrong place.  nothing happens when I insert 

this.graph ='nameOfAnimation';

[code inside catmods settings]


'textureName', 'nameOfAnimation'



what am I missing??

thanks. I was missing the code in the draw event

(1 edit)

//creates the score in the object inside the current room

this.score = 0;

this.scoreLabel = new PIXI.Text('Score: ' + this.score, ct.styles.get('ScoreText'));


//collision takes place ++; 

 //does not update the score (the current room score remains 0)

what am I missing??

awesome. thanks for the quick response. 

i will keep looking to see if i can find the file create/install path. 

other than a few minor things, my experience using ct.js has been pleasant. 

ct.js community · Created a new topic Mac OS file path

is it safe to assume the Mac version of ct.js is simply a javascript app in a Mac wrapper??

my question is what is the path to created Mac OS ct.js files??  (lol...this is the first time I have ever said anything on PC is more efficient, but for ct.js running it on PC seems way easier and less buggy than running it on a Mac )

i am using a mac and the example folder is not in the bundle. i did copy the folder from a windows version and used the recovery ICT file to run the examples. 

where in the ct.js download can I find this file??