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Hello. This game struck something in my mind and I've got some ideas to expand things. Do you mind if I do?

Are there any plans to finish this at some point, or have you just moved on? Just curious.

Quite enjoyable; solved all 15 puzzles. My only critique is that I wanted more of it. I reckon in the end that's the best problem a game can have.

A great little game. I'd reckon all it needs is a bit more info on the Night Things. A few stat blocks, perhaps?

That is not a bug.

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> In Flame Palace needs to fight against Demon Knight, but we have 2 different versions of Demon Knight: Mountain's one and Deserts's one (both number 4, but different max. power). What kinda of Demon do you mean?

Er... The Desert one. I'm going to quickly rename the other one (to Demon Healer) in a hotfix.

> Let me make sure, to move I can choose any ortogonal direction and move pawn for any numbers of open squares, counting water squares for damage, and then I'll make roll for event just for last square where I stopped?

That is correct, with the caveat that every square you pass through must already be scouted.

> Do Demon's clan get angry if I run away from the fight?

No; the demon lived, so there's no need to seek revenge.

> by using Hellgate can I teleport into unknown squares?

Yes; I might tweak that if I make a third version, but it's allowed now.

Hello. If you're still interested, the official v2 of Explorers of the Lost Page has been released.


I am actually working on a v2 with more refined rules, which do include the ability to run away.

Are the add-ons still in development? I just found this game and I love it.

Because they aren't the original creator. They can't alter this page.

Rolling a 0 basiclly means that die doesn't work this time.

I assume the Dangers encountered should be based on the current page in some fashion. It seems appropriate, but it's not clear.

I love this. At times, it will surely feel non-thematic (the emphasis on the spelling of the effect is strange), but the eclectic nature that results is amazing and plows right over any theming issues.

Now, how am I going to make gold? Back to the lab.

How many hitpoints do player characters have?