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My best guess is "fill as much space with flowers as possible from the initial trees, leave a dead zone around it as firebreak, burn it and grow a forest, put greenery around the forest, use the trees at the edge of the forest to hold beehives for flowers".

However, even with that I haven't yet been successful; getting all that set up usually results in running out of money too soon.

I keep getting stuck on mountain — either I can't create enough greenery to get to tier 2, or I get to tier 2 and then can't simultaneously get enough fynbos and forest because all the trees are in one place (can't make two separate patches of fynbos to burn one for ash for the forest without ruining the other).

Which is a shame, because everything up to that was very smooth and pleasant.

Hello! Thought you might like to know – I streamed your game earlier today (for my first-ever stream) and thought it was quite lovely! Intending to keep going with it whenever I stream next (probably in a week?).

Hello! I realized lately that it's possible for a game on itch to have multiple people as contributors. Any possibility you could add me to that for this?

Very good; reminiscent of Mini Metro, a bit. Suggested UI improvements: Automatically break links that cease to be useful (when a block changes from "startup costs" to "producer"); make it clearer which direction a link goes in; make it clearer what a not-yet-paid-for block will produce once it is paid for.

Stay on the line at the requested speed.

Ah, okay. Option one, more or less; that makes sense. i don't know what the "stagger bar is" beyond reasonably inferences, but that sounds pretty neat.

I was just thinking in terms of "she's deliberately pulling her punches to stay average, so maybe that means she doesn't gain power like the other characters who presumably can't just decide to hit twice as hard if they feel like it." Speculation getting ahead of facts.

The description for Angela has me curious from a game-design perspective – does "a completely average fighter by intent" mean (assuming generic JRPG-type combat mechanics):

- She's got less defense than the sturdy party members and more than the fragile ones, vice-versa for offense, and mechanically works in basically the same way as the other characters just with middle-of-the-road set of starting numbers and abilities?

- Instead of normal stat gains by levels/gear/whatever, she's always got her stats at exactly the average of the rest of the party?

- Purely narrative, and she's actually just as specialized as everyone else?

I've done two entries, and one of them is entirely a demake of music.

I followed the instructions for a Windows build, but the only machine I have for testing is Linux. You could instead try the in-engine version from the source?