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A member registered Oct 02, 2016

Recent community posts

Engineer should have AA turret

Also if you could make it so that if you are driving a vehicle all team mates can't be hit because ill have 200 bots on and i will try to drive a tank and it won't be able to move so it would help alot

I think this game is amazing but there are a few things I would like to see added.

1. Team settings

changing sizes of an individual team or picking a colour to play as like green or yellow

2. Attachments

The possibility of adding better scopes or fmj and making you have to earn them by getting 200 kills with that weapon of something like that

3. CTF

I would love to see capture the flag and other game modes like gun game or something fun

4. Classes

Now this might be a hard one but i have no idea of coding so it could be easy but i don't know. Having 5 classes to choose from like engineer that could make a mobile respawn or a sniper with a small cloaking ability, specialist with the ability to lay mines or something, medic who can heal and possibly revive.

5. Mods

If you add a mod folder mod makers would be delighted to make mods and then you can have a community that can self sustain because if you have mod makers making mods then you have a lot taken of your plate because if they make mods you don't have to add certain content they will do it for you

I hope you have the time to add these points to the game :)