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Which unzipping software are you using? I had the same problem but I used a different unzipping software and it worked. 

This game is amazing, but for some reason it wont save. I mean every time I save from the blue chest and close the game and open it again, The continue button wont work and I have to start again. Am I doing something wrong??

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Thank you! But it doesnt show any RPG Maker XV Ace, only RPG Maker VX Ace and some other RPG Makers. I did click on the runtime package-

Edit: I download the RPG Maker VX Ace and installed it and the gae managed to run. Thank you so much! 

Hey! This game seems really cool and I wanna play it but when I start up the game it shows this 

The file isn't in any of the folders and I'm not sure where to find it. Any help please?-

Hey! Sorry for replying so late, I tried unzipping using a different unzipping software and it worked! The game was amazing and if I had money I would definitely buy the DLCs. 

Hey! Sorry for messaging back so late, I did manage to start up the game, but then after 2 seconds after opening it closes then shows this 

Is there some file I need to open or use?-
I'm honestly confused-

Pea Zip is a a zip program I use-

This game seems amazing and I want to play it, But it keeps saying "could not open file, is it missing?". I'm using Pea zip. I extracted it and checked all the other files. Can someone help please?I want to play this game so bad-

Thank you! I was trying to run this on the Itch.Io app but I tried just downloading and running it normally and it worked fine. The game was really cool and I loved it! I'll be sure to play your other games.

This game looks amazing and the story seems really interesting, But for some reason whenever I open it it says the file is missing and I need to reinstall it. And there's no download with the RTP. Can someone please give me a solution?

I  really want to play this game it looks amazing, But when I start up the game it just presents me with a loading screen, I've waited for what it seems like 10 years but it won't start. Any solutions please?

Oooh Cool!

I tried using 7-Zip, But whenever I open the game files it says that the file is missing. Any help please? 

(Sorry if there's something obvious I need to do, I'm just dumb-)

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This made me look at life from a whole other level. This game was PHENOMENAL. You deserve a oscar-

Oh and, let me tell you,

Noelle x  Akarsha must happen.

This may be a stupid question but, Can I play this game with Winzip? I just wanted to make sure so I don't just download it for nothing-

This seems like a really good game, But for some reason it always crashes when I start it up. Is there any solutions for this??

What device are you on or planning to download it on? It can only be downloaded on windows, but you can check on steam to see if you can download it there!

How do you get the good and true ending? I can never get them for some reason-

Also this game was absolutely amazing,From the story to the jumpscares.