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Or to say it differently: "Bring old limitations and features, back into your own game". I think this is the most accurate how i can say it.

If you are allowed to you can do that ^^. But i am not sure if anyone allows that, but if anyone does... go for it!

You can make any kind of game, as long as you do not steal any sprites, music, etc. from other games that you are not allowed to use.

Also, the time could be any you can think of, the pong era where only a few pixels where able to be displayed, nes where more complex sprites where able to be displayed, playstation where the first types of 3d games where developed, early xbox, etc. As long as you use a noticeable element from the past (like low pixel gfx) then go for it! ^^

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The character art does not need any improvement, only scenery does, it does not feel like the characters and the landscape are from the same game. The first gunmen should also fire his second line of bullets a little higher then the other because the first gun is in a lower position then the second. The perspective is also weird because the feet of the characters lay straight on the ground, but the map has a 3D view. Some translations do not change correctly and the Overlay icons are pretty basic. What i do like is that there is a clear concept wich everyone easily understands, the gameplay is simple and addicting and i like the little details like the tank in the background and the gradient on the lifebars.

Overal it looks like an old flashgame, but with some improvement i can see a lot going for this game!

3/5: More solid then a lot of "prototype" games on this site. ^^

I have it really difficult with music, i would have at least spent 4 hours making a at least "decent song".  And before the deadline i only had 1 hour left after programming, so i didn't want to push myself to make a song in 1 hour. ^^

thanks dude!

By far the best game i have seen! The art is almost perfect, the gameplay is very comfortable (only thing that is not 10/10 is hitting stuff with your paw, could reduce the "cooldown" time for a new slash, so it would feel faster and more satisfying).

And it has cats, what do you want more then CATS?

Very cool idea for the theme, very solid art too. the only thing i would do is to add a "skip intro" button.

Yes the "dying twice and its over thing" has to be improved, it was supposed so end after a second death as you have transformed from a normal pixel game to a very weird horror "ish" look. Jumping over the holes will be made easier later too ^^

I will fix it later ^^

Thanks ^^

The dissappearing is supposed to happen, but the difficult hole width was not intentional. I wanted to make it easier to jump over them, but then other character movement wouldn't work as i liked too. + I am very inexperienced, so any other mistakes aren't intentional, but i probably would have tried to solve them with more time ^^

Love the art, could have been ripped straight out of a gameboy ^^

I really like it! The game concept is simple, fitting, and i like the rat too! Others may call it ugly, but i think its rather a stylistic choice ^^

Pretty cool! Not another santa game but a shooter. I don't really understand the giving aspect though.

Very cool! ^^. Was kinda confused on the packaging mechanic at first, but still pretty cool submission ^^

Doesn't work for me :/

For 2 days its pretty cool. It's not my type of game i would play but its pretty cool what you came up with! ^^