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I'm totally keeping this on my radar  you definetly laid a great foundation with what was shown in the free version to keep me interested

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Having just played this I can't wait for more finely tuned version.  I didn't have any performance issues but  their are things in the test build such as low enemy/item count that make it feel a taaaad empty. Also little tweaks like letting the player control the pace of dominant scenes  would be nice both for sense of power and to make earning health back quicker and Joe needs something to do to downed enemies if his attacks are going to end that way.

Favorite character is Trudy. He's such a cute, sassy slutty boy I can't help but love him.
Favorite lewd is probs warlock

It really needs to  be expanded on though, it's really nothing than Hiro  dropping down, birthing and then the critter skitterfucking away. If I  go  out of my way  to  bea goblin mum I  want them babies in my party dammit x3c

Well Rimming is already in the game, it's what the " Annalingus" move is when you're being face sat or doing the face sitting is and some enemies do it too. As  for breasts  I do think that'd be interesting to  see either from  chugging too much minotaurus milk, something done by the warlock, or even having too  many  buttbabies.  Then again I'm also  a weirdo  who wants to  see legit mpreg and not just oviposition  in the game  so take any suggestions on what I say with a grain of salt XD

I do think  they should be expanded upon though. Just having it end after al l that seems kind of odd. I'd  love to  see the Queen "ending"  have a  possibility where you and your new kitty  boyfriend manage to  pull one over on the  drow and escape together to continue your adventure, same with  the Centaurs. Just have that little psuedo dating sim thing end up being more  than "And then they fucked forever abnd ever". I mean with all  the work  on how being slutty or girly  can affect how Hiro  acts  being able  to  use it  to  an actual  advantage other than making enemies  cum in combat seems like a no brainer.

SO I'm guessing  the brothel is broken? It seems like if  you try with high lust it just kinda locks and makes it so byou can  never whore again  making earning money, and getting food, almost impossible :v