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cops don't provide emergency medical care in America, which are the cops this game is addressing. in fact, our cops prevent EMTs (emergency medical technicians) from providing life-saving care to people the police shot, resulting in their deaths. our police are a state-sanctioned gang of murderers who 1) only solve 2% of major crimes 2) murder more than a thousand people per year, 60% of which did not have a gun or were not involved in a situation that needed police and 3) 40% of police officers violently abuse their wives and kids.

so if there was a looter and they shot me for some reason, there is absolutely no way an American cop would help the situation. besides, why would a looter shoot me, they're just trying to steal stuff!

thanks for reading! I don’t understand your comment though, do you think cops provide emergency medical aid? they dont.

thank you so much! I am so happy to hear you enjoyed it.

thank you so much!

it’s fixed!

looks like I need to fix the download!