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I loved it! I liked stategizing my moves and the gameplay was fun. :) I managed to beat it on my third try. Here is a screenshot of my winning game board: 

This was fun to play. The gameplay was easy to get the hang of and the upgrades made it interesting. I also think the volcano and enemy sprites are cute. Nice game! It took me a few tries but here is my High Score:

Hello! I am really glad I found this jam. I have joined many jams in the past but I never ended up making anything because I always hit a roadblock at the ideas stage. I would feel a lot of pressure to make something good/come up with good ideas and ended up completely blanking out and giving up. But since I know there is no such pressure here, I think I can finally get myself to make something! Thank you!

Thank you! It took me a few tries but I eventually got the hang of it :)

I almost got it! 

party / celebration !!!

Your explanation is perfect, I completely understand now. Thank you so much!

Hello, I was wondering whether custom game art such as graphics, sprites, or tilesets count as tools that could be submitted to the jam. If game art does count as a tool, would the art have to have specific requirements (like a certain resolution or something)? I completely understand if it wouldn't be accepted, though. Thank you!