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looks great!

No problem

Any Plans to launch this for us MAC users? 

this is great!

Nice work,  definally not much quality topdown Sci fi stuff available.  I think you will do well with the Sci Fi art.  I look forward to seeing what you continue to produce.  

Don't  short change yourself... your time is valuable. Price it for what you think it is worth.

Nice work

Very cool. I was just playing around with it on my Mac.  Worked great, can't wait to see how this tool progress

this looks cool, I just bought it.  But it looks like it won't run a a Mac.  Or is there a way to make it work on a Mac? 

awesome, I will be buying those as well!

love these 2 dark sets, are you planning on adding more sets like this?

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This has to be the bet Mario remake I have seen yet.  Nice work!  It is a good mixture of Classic and a hint of the remake in 1994

If you use for commercial and Nintendo finds out the would tell you to remove the game for what ever platform you have it on.  You could make a fan game of it.  

I am diggin your sci fi sets. Awesome work!


very nice! 

Nice work! 

great stuff, perfect for a retro beat em up 

This is great, any plans to create an enemy pack?

love your work..adding this to my list to buy

very cool

is like you know what I need....was looking for something like this all week.... are you spying on me..;)

nice work

very nice, I just bought it... Can you add in a jetpack, whip, and a grapple hook icon???

Do you have a version without the sword as well? If so I will Buy

thanks this help!

First off I love the design... but I am wondering why their are no walk left or right animations 

I would love to see some space themed pixel art... Mega man, Super Metroid... or some top down space art.... 

very cool,  looking froward to seeing what comes next

looking for to see the updates...! are on fire! Keep it up.   

I bought this...but how do I get the doors...not in the downloads