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Haha, but I like Coldstone! It was fun to see Cherry absolutely go crazy though. I'm really enjoying how empathetic and thoughtful she is. Thanks for the update!

Yay, I love Cherry! Thanks for the update

I view Bonnie as a role model and will emulate her! Gonna turn the oven on and leave it right now!

Bonnie day 3 was a lot of fun! Not surprised things moved fast with her, but I hope we can be there for her emotionally too. Looking forward to seeing where things go! 

The running gag with the spelling of lasagna was very funny too. Really enjoyable update!

Oh rad! Looking forward to this and seeing the world expanded!

A Bonnie update, AND you can use Enter to advance dialogue? The numpad enter is my preferred key, this update was made for me and I love it. Thanks so much!

Ha! OK, that makes sense. And on the other alone route, I must have picked the other flashback option since I didn't get sheared. Tricky! Thanks for letting me know.

Also, I can't quite figure out what makes Thatch burn down the farm or not. He didn't on my Alma route, did on Tim's, didn't when I was unaffiliated and slept with Boris, and then did when I was with Marcus. What the heck is it based on?

Wow, things can change fast! Poor Alma, and poor Thatch! Things were definitely getting frostier with Cole but I didn't expect it to go that bad, damn. 

I'm sad that we're leaving behind everyone from the first arc, I really grew to like that cast. I hope we see them again, sooner rather than later. I guess I should make sure to keep a non-Alma route save, don't want to break any promises. :)

Cool to get some worldbuilding in Noire's song! Was Thatch's dream afterwards his own memories from the war he was in, or was he dreaming of being a warrior against the Scaled One's forces?


I'm guessing it's not a bug that Jackson accuses you of sleeping with Abby whether or not you have? Just a lucky guess on my first playthrough? :)

Wow, thanks for the quick update! Still playing through, and gosh every scene with Alma makes me love her more. She is so sweet and kind, and I love how she teases Thatch. 

Noticed a bug: when just starting, I see some placeholder text on Colin's sprite.

After this update, I want a Tanabe route now, hahaha. But seriously, I really love the direction he's taken in the last few updates, I hope we see him more in the aftermath of the tournament.

Also poor Keisuke, he just wanted to be a legit tennis rival and it just gets smashed to bits. That conversation with him was so good, I can relate so much.

This was hilarious, thanks so much for the laughs! Oh Bonnie, you try your best.

Oof, dentist stuff is such a pain, good luck with it! I've really enjoyed what I've played so far, so no worries on the delay. Excited to see more when it's ready. <3

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Just caught up on Rebecca and Bonnie/Cherry's routes! Super fun so far. I really enjoy Bonnie, and can't wait to see more from her.

The only thing I would like to see is a Skip Minigame option after you've completed them the first time. So far it doesn't seem like they affect the story much (which I appreciate) but it would be nice to save time on replays!

That was super fun! The drawings were hilarious, and I enjoyed how things shook out with Ahab. Looking forward to the next one!

Damn, this hit like a truck! Very inventive presentation. Poor Yuuichi, especially when he was just starting to get back into a routine. Well if music doesn't work out for Jun, I think he could have a career in therapy for sure.

Very excited for Build 3! Thanks for the update. I'm curious what the magic system information will be like, I think I have the rudiments by this point but I'd like to know more still. And yay Abigail gets a theme! Love her.

Dang, great work! I've been following the new sprite work and it's a huge improvement.

Wow, another update this month! Excited to see Haruki's route, thanks for adding it!

Happy anniversary! Congrats on publishing on Steam, and I'm glad it's gone so well for you folks!

Goddamn, that was intense! Good conversation (and happy that some past subtext is being made more explicit!) and a great match. Love our favorite bunny boy. Great update!

That was cute! I felt very unclear about how the combat worked though--some prompts would be nice, especially for the first battle. It would also be nice if Lucky said something like, "wow it's hot, my wood dice might be unreliable" when the weather changes, so players get more of a clue what the dice loadout might mean.

Lastly, the actual dice rolling wasn't super fun to control, something like a button or a virtual dice tower could make it a little nicer. Still, for a game jam game this was pretty cool!

This was fun! Thanks for putting it in the Queer Games Bundle. I got the first "good" ending, but replaying from the very start is time-consuming, some kind of skip or fast forward would help. Very good writing though, great work!

This is awesome! Does anyone know if the CGs will appear in the gallery if you've finished all the routes?

Here's to a better 2022! And no worries about slow dev, it's the holidays!

Ahhh, thank you for adding the dialogue history! That's a big thing I wanted when I first played. Your hard work on this is appreciated!

Hey, awesome! Excited to check it out. :D

Hank was too good, I told him to go a bit easier on you

Oh thank goodness, what a terror!

Glad to hear you're getting good feedback and positive attention! If I can request one more thing for the full game, it would be to please make minigames like the beer pong optional. Both for accessibility reasons, and in case people want to speed through to see more content on future playthroughs. :) Thanks for your work on this!

Oh Tyson, such a little shit. I really like him, and I'm excited to see where this goes! Dean is also really nice and supportive. Great work with this so far, has fun 999/VLR vibes.

So I see the demo has three endings--so far I've played twice but got the same one, so finishing all three events in any order seems to get one. Maybe leaving early gets another? Curious what other folks have found.

I also own-goaled my own beer pong team (can Hank even score on you?), which had some amusing dialogue, but didn't change how that scene ended.

Ahaha, the new Keisuke CG is beautiful. What a cute doof. Thanks for the update!

Just played through all of Keisuke's route to present! Some hard convos towards the end, but I think they were well written and approached the issue in a good way. I felt as exhausted as Yuu was at the end of 31, hahaha.

Entitled gamers are the wooooorst. Thanks for joining the bundle, looking forward to playing!

The Bjorn update is so good! He's such a cutie and the convo with him on the terrace really hints at his depths. Great work! 

I also feel like I hear about a neat piece of media to check out in every route (even if I have to decipher what you actually meant, lol) -- Night on the Galactic Railroad is on Prime Video, I'll have to watch it. 

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This is super fun! Jayce veers between relatable and a little *too* relatable from my awkward dorky college days, haha. Also, the sprite animations really elevate the presentation, though I'm sure they're a pain to code. There's a lot of action and expressiveness that you don't see in a lot of VNs. Great work so far!

Also, props for the scenes with the silly Cowboy Bebop music!

Oh! Thank you so much, I saw them as the inner walls too! Got very frustrated after checking each number multiple times, this has made me want to play again.

The split is very clear, right after Flynn yells at everyone early on, make a save right there. You can do them in any order, TJ and Leo's are both good ones to start with. There are not many choices that affect endings, and it's pretty easy to make more saves at those points.