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Entitled gamers are the wooooorst. Thanks for joining the bundle, looking forward to playing!

The Bjorn update is so good! He's such a cutie and the convo with him on the terrace really hints at his depths. Great work! 

I also feel like I hear about a neat piece of media to check out in every route (even if I have to decipher what you actually meant, lol) -- Night on the Galactic Railroad is on Prime Video, I'll have to watch it. 

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This is super fun! Jayce veers between relatable and a little *too* relatable from my awkward dorky college days, haha. Also, the sprite animations really elevate the presentation, though I'm sure they're a pain to code. There's a lot of action and expressiveness that you don't see in a lot of VNs. Great work so far!

Also, props for the scenes with the silly Cowboy Bebop music!

Oh! Thank you so much, I saw them as the inner walls too! Got very frustrated after checking each number multiple times, this has made me want to play again.

The split is very clear, right after Flynn yells at everyone early on, make a save right there. You can do them in any order, TJ and Leo's are both good ones to start with. There are not many choices that affect endings, and it's pretty easy to make more saves at those points.

This was amazing. I loved the writing and how the gameplay evolved over the acts. Very pointed and appropriate ending, too. Thanks so much for putting it up!

I really liked the worldbuilding here! It felt realistic and deep without much exposition at all. Great work on the setting and characters!

This was fun! I liked the characterization they both got, how they were comfortable with each others' idiosyncrasies. Great writing!

This was really nice! Love the music choice, it's beautiful.