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Dev Log 1:


-Have created the basic functions of the economy, debt, the deficit, approval ratings and elections.

-In the game now, you are able to change the healthcare law, raise and lower taxes. These will affect the debt, economy, and your approval level.

-Soundtrack of United States nationalism songs, ie: Hail to the Chief, American Anthem, and Yankee Doodle.

-Current Plans:

-Create Impeachment Scenario

-Add Congress, which will vote on each change you wish to do.

-More things to change

-New UI

-More Functionality

-More Music

Bork Fighter community · Created a new topic Bugs Forum.

As the title of the forum suggests, this is a place where you can discuss the bugs in the game here. While you can post them elsewhere on the forum, it makes it easier if it is located here.

This forum will be dedicated to suggestions about the game. Just post down below your suggestions, and we will be sure to read them.

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This is a placeholder for the devlog, just wanted to post this here in advanced.

Essentially, I will be trying my best to create a political/election game in which you are thrust into an election, and you must campaign in order to win.

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