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Please read the post, he clearly says, - "I'm all out of beta keys, sorry everyone." You cant buy or get something the he doesnt have any of.

Hes OUT of keys. Which means that you cant get one, by ANY means. - "I'm all out of beta keys, sorry everyone." - You cant pay for something that hes out of

I guess you can't read. It clearly states at the bottom - "I'm all out of beta keys, sorry everyone." He's out of keys, which means that you cant get one, by paying or by getting one for free.

You clearly don't understand how these things work, As long as credibility is given to the original creator then It's perfectly acceptable to use someone else's content / creations. And Timonk, everything you've ever used in school, work, house etc.. is created by another person. So, you using a pen in order to write at school falls under the same category, you are using a pen (that was not created by you) to take notes, AND to write your essays to get a good grade. You are in no position to tell anyone about using someone else's content 'for a good not' as you're doing the exact same thing.

Kind Regards, Dominic JR Smith

It may seem like I'm lying. I Assure I'm not. Also by 'school' I mean 'University', so we are all adults and its perfectly acceptable as, they are not naked, they have a loin cloth and the Gore isn't an issue either no-one at the university is going to loose there head over a small amount of blood.

My project is to show the technological advancements that have taken place in the last 50 years, how things have evolved, if you will. Each person in my class has been assigned a different piece of technology to look into, mine? VR. Now that I have restarted I have selected a number of VR titles which include but are not limited to; Arizona Sunshine, Onward, Raw Data and hopefully GORN. Why do I need to use the new version of GORN you ask? Well, I want to show how a game can change so dramatically in such a short period of time, with only 1 person steering the games ship, in other words. Only 1 developer.

Now, you can choose to believe me or you can choose to do otherwise. Either way, if you have anymore questions feel free to ask.

Kind Regards, Dominic JR Smith

Hey there!

I saw the new version on a youtube channel.

I thought to myself - "This would be great to show off for my school project" I redownloaded thinking that I would be greeted to the version I saw on youtube. That wasn't the case - I'd deleted everything from my previous project as I had the idea to use your game. Now I have Nothing - assignment needs to be on Monday.

Would I please be able to have a closed beta key? There would be a YouTube video uploaded about it, and credibility to you from my school thanking you for letting me use for my project. Details about your game would also go on the website.

If you're a kind hearted person send me a key or the download file here:

Good Luck! I wish you all the best!

Kind Regards, Dominic JR Smith