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Nice little game, but imho there is great window for diversity and improvement. I suggest looking into other popular TD maps (Element TD, Hell TD, Gem TD, etc.) and seek there for more variety in enemies and, maybe, towers too. There is also popular element of adding of "ally creeps" like in Kingdom Rush games and their clones. I dont know much about challenge of adding creeps in-fight in current version of game, but such layer of gameplay, like on-path traps and "beef blockers" could be used for great effect.

Any news about game outside of twitter?

Sorry, I see Fatal Frame, Silent Hill and Resident Evil (aka big three of japanese horrors) inspired things and references, but can't find anything which reminded me of Dino Crisis for now, sorry? Could somebody tell me how wrong I am?

There is bug with inserting coin into already closed skill slot which keeps it inside of slot for next turn, but then it is stuck inside and you can't use that skill anymore.

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Running into edge of map could leave controls not responding. Still can't figure what to do once four triangles are collected. Anyway, thank you for yet another scientific playable mindf!

Oh, cool to know!

Sorry, I'm from Russia and my options to follow news normally were recently shrinked to itch and steam. So I won't be able to DM you there, even if I am wishing to, but just know our russian-speaking ZE community is awaiting this project and hopes to give you at least some sales.

I also dropped your message from here to my western acquaintances and friends who should be interested in beta too.

Honestly I don't know why are you not making Discord server for project, it's sort of burden, but cool way to inform interested people and get feedback quickly.

Hey, how's you doing? It's a little past Q1 2022 already, is development still in process at least?

looks a little OFF for me...

This game is cool for cipher tools alone! Really liked Sid Meier's Cover Action cipher sections and as fan of puzzle games was looking for game which used many different ciphers for their puzzles. And this game is ONLY ciphers with weird, but still logical reasoning. Thank you for this project!