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I think you misunderstood the question.

The app on my windows is now 3.0.0. after a clean / new installation. When I hoover on the supermedium logo it says Home. In the previous versions it gave me a version number.

When (in home) I click on My Comics (in the 3.0.0. app), on the left I see a symbol and the words My Comics. Clicking on My Comics, nothing happens. In the previous versions, clicking on it (My Library), gave me an view of all the comics I have inserted. 

So for me, the new 3.0.0. version gives a few better functions, but also stepped back to the earlier version without those 2 options I meant above.

For the rest the app is working. Thank you.

It's been a month since the last update. Is this the last one?

The one before (0.25.2) worked fine. This 3.0.0. version does not have the "version hoover" anymore.

And also the "My Comics" doesn't work anymore.

Any news/updates about should not let you wait. Why does take so much time? Do they let you know why they need weeks?

Thank you. Have a great weekend.

Thank you for the logo hoover, so we can see a version number.


Yes, sorry, I should write here more often. All works now, it was a problem on my side afterall. Not from Supermedium.
Your offer was overwelming, but I could  and won't take it. Nevertheless, thank you for consider it. Was really unexpected.

Your help and the work you put in this project is awesome. 

Again, thank you. You are making the best out of it, and I am sure that the project will succeed.


Dark mode sounds good. 2-pages idea could be nice, but for me not necessary. Will the pages stay at the same size, or will they be smaller? The future of VR book sounds promising.


Yes, with the companion app it seems to work. Thank you.



Thanks for all your help. Now it is all working perfect.

0.17.0 is working perfect. Thanks for the support Kevin.

It's 0.16.0 at the moment. For the Quest only? I don't don't know.

As it doesn't work at all now, I'm putting an older apk on the headset, so I can read a Comic. Or not. We'll see. If not, I will use the demo version. That's still on the headset.

Yes, my version 0.12 does that too. Just circles. 1 Comic or 10, it doesn't matter, just circles. I've asked the team by email, and hopefully they will come with an answer or update.

I must say, I have "clean" computer, without flash etc etc, maybe that is the cause of my problem. I don't know yet.

That's ok. The problem was, no, I better start with, what I did was, I've put in a few books ( 10 or so) on the website, at the same time, and the Quest couldn't handle it. The VR Comic Reader, wouldn't start anymore, it just stucked with page loading (from the new books), and then the VR Comic Reader gave an error and stopped. Then after turning it back on again, everytime the same problem. The next day I've tried to open the reader again, but same problem. Then after trying a few times, with no luck, I had to uninstall the app on the quest, made a new start/install and start all over again, with just 5 books at the time, and that works. I'm not saying that it's your app who is causing this, maybe it is my Quest, maybe my internet connection at that moment.. For now, the app is working great. Didn't try an upload with more than 5 books since then.  But I don't want to do that. I'll stick with 1 -5 and that is good for both sides.

Have a nice day.

I read the books with my audio on the background. The programm is called nullnprojects.

Can't wait.

Looks promising. I can't wait.

Tip:  Don't upload 5 (big) books or more at the same time. It "killed" the app. Had to un-install and re-install it again.

Thank you (again) for your quick support.

Hello Supermedium team.

Thank you for your book.  I have a question.

1, The upload page says 1Gb. Is that per upload or the total storage place for my books? No, I think per upload, so how much is the storage? 

Or the storage is on the 128GB Quest, and not on your server?