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This is gorgeous, I'm crying now!

I finished! There are still a few things I'm not entirely happy with, like the character sprites, but I just wanted to get it done!

I didn't manage to do any work on this on the weekend because I was out with friends, but I just had an idea to sort of theme it a little bit which hopefully I can start to implement before the end of the jam. The new working title is Honeymoon at Cat Hotel, and there will be cat-themed puzzles and decorations and of course cat npcs throughout the hotel.

I have now created probably all of the rooms that will be in the prototype of this game! I've also started to implement some puzzles/actual game elements! I still have to think of heaps more though, and make some NPCs and try to tie everything together into some sort of plot.

But for now, here is a gif! Featuring part of the ground floor corridor and the kitchen!

Those cats are so cute! I love your art style!

Thanks! I think Rejoined is one of my favourite episodes of anything ever! ^_^

I made a gif!

My intro/first room is mostly done! At the moment I'm compiling a tileset of tiles I'm using from a bunch that I've downloaded, and making a credits screen to keep track of the creators.

Things I need to do:

Figure out how to make the lighting better maybe?
Create the rest of the maps
Figure out what puzzles/whatever are going to be in the game
Find some nice music and sound effects
Find a nice windowskin for the text windows & menus

^_^ Thank you!

Hi! This is my second time attempting this jam, and hopefully this time I actually get something finished, or at least to a stage that I can submit it!

The premise: the player character wakes up in the middle of her wedding night to find her new wife gone, so she starts exploring the hotel they're staying in to find her, discovering along the way that something very strange is going on.

I decided to try RPGMaker for this, as I got VX Ace in the recent Steam sale, so I spent the lead up to the jam learning a bit how to use it.

So far this jam I've been mostly looking for and downloading and combining tilesets for the hotel, and making a little table for my keyboard and mouse because my desk is too high for my chair.

Here is a screenshot of the hotel room so far: