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Thanks for fixing this by the way!

I am not a programmer and I have no idea what you're talking about regarding inspecting elements.  

Again, my screen is normal like yours IF I enter the game first and THEN click on options.  If I do it from the TITLE SCREEN it's all screwed up and I have to refresh as there is no BACK button.

If that doesn't make sense I can try to figure out how to record my screen to demonstrate.

It doesn't bother me enough to investigate and try to figure out how to fix it on my end.  I don't have those kind of technical skills and would rather just refresh when I forget or just not play.

It's not there or I wouldn't have asked.  It's blank...

dordle community · Created a new topic Dark Mode

If I select dark mode from the main page that shows up when I open the game, I have no way of navigating out of the settings and have to refresh.  In order to select dark mode and then subsequently play the game, I have to click into the daily dordle, then go to settings.  This is a design oversight I hope can be corrected.  Thanks for the game!

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Also by the way, I tried to give this game a positive review on Steam and it wouldn't let me post the review.  But I tried!

The other feedback I thought of is that I always have to have a guide on the second monitor to remind me what evolves what.  The game tells you the first time you get the item and then never again.  My brain doesn't retain this information.  Please put the information on the item description.  For example, I'm doing a run now and just got an option to pick up Candelabrador.  Instead of it saying "Augments area of attacks by 10%."  I wish it said "Augments area of attacks by 10% (required to evolve Axe)."

I have this game on Steam.  I want to give my feedback which is that the game is awesome, but I would politely request an accessibility feature related to the projectiles on screen.  I had a similar problem with Forager, which I was able to use a workshop mod to resolve.  The projectiles on screen are so numerous by about 15-17 minutes into a run that I struggle to see where the enemies are or process what's happening.  What would be useful to me would be a slider, similar to the ones for sound and music, that would allow me to dim the projectiles appearance on the screen and fade them to be transparent down to invisible.  That way I could see the enemies better, instead of streaks of purple, black, blue, yellow, orange, etc. from my runetracer and birds.  Thanks in advance for considering this feedback.

It's taking me a bit longer to get the feel of it since the keyboard presses are deeper (on my keys at least) than tapping on a screen.  It still feels a lot like the original game though, as close as I think as would be possible on a non-touch screen device.  I am super impressed, quite frankly.

I got less than half of these.  I found the challenge impossibly hard.

Okay thank you.  I don't have a controller for my PC.

I couldn't get past the select mode screen.  No button on my keyboard would let me actually select the chilled mode.  Oh well.

I trust that this decision is for the best. Very excited to see what comes next for this incredible game!