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I surprisingly enjoyed the battle aspect of the game. (But being a terrible player) it took me about an hour to beat the first boss. Mostly because I had no clue that shooting the rocks would give me health back after loosing it so often. Overall I hope to see more updates, and will support the patrion when I get the chance. (can there be an option to have the output of the audio into headphones? because 1. I can't hear it when the in-game volume is all the way up and 2. adjusting my audio on the computer doesn't do squat. the only comman that works is the mute button.

I think a full game would be amazing, depending on how fleshed out it could be I'd put down at least 10 for something like that. 

side note I think its still nice as is

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Is it just the pics and videos? or is there actual gameplay that'll happen in the future?

Overall though nice graphics and it's quite smooth.

Will there be more visuals or more things to do in the future?