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Haven't had the chance to fully explore my options yet but on a first impression I think it's awesome. So far I'm enjoying the cast of colorful characters and there is a generous amount of content in the prologue and chapter 1. No major grammar issues or spelling problems either and I'm excited for what happens next in Chapter 2!

I enjoyed this one a lot, which is odd considering set protagonists are usually a quick turn off for me, however I honestly think you're one of the few authors to make a set protagonist correctly, plus I'm always here for NB characters. With the name, gender, and appearance being chosen for me, I was extremely worried that it'd barely be an interactive fiction (there are a lot of "interactive" fiction on itch), but I think you successfully threaded the needle on giving me enough choices to feel satisfied while managing to keep the set protagonist. Which, honestly, is an impressive level of writing and design. Font and color is great and clean. Loved this one a lot ❤️

Very nice prologue, jOjO covered the capitalization errors I noticed. I also wouldn't worry about the prologue being short, its a solid introduction to the basics of what the story is (hopefully) going to be about. I dug the Gods and Goddesses, with Mahayeren (sp?) being my favorite, understandably there wasn't much on Rafael and Isobel so I don't have much of an opinion on them, but I like Isobel so far being the know-it-all. I can't wait for more (jk I'm patiently waiting, I know how long it takes to code and write).

These available chapters are amazing. I've played a few IF apocalypse games (and a lot of IFs in general) and this one takes the cake. I adore all of the characters from the loveable Elle to the mysterious Sabine to the enigmatic Gage to the Amazon Leah. I love the tension of the Council. Honestly, without hyperbole, if the quality continues to completion this might be my favorite IF.