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Update: if I set desktop resolution to 320x200 then game runs perfectly at 320x200 progressive fullscreen.  I made a comparison with maniac mansion mania episodes (at 320x200 original resolution) and sprites sizes are the same.    Only downside is the cursor size that is huge.  Classic cursor is almost unusable because is really huge.  System cursor is bit better.  Is there a way to define cursor size? Thanks again for your time

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Thanks for your reply.  In short: my setup is a pc with an analog ati card connected to a crt tv 15khz with a vga scart rgb cable.  Using win7 and calamity crtemudriver that let me to use lowres.   I tried to launch the game and I noticed it uses the desktop resolution (640x480 interlaced that is the max res a 15khz can support and is not good for playing).   Which is the minimum resolution that the game support?

Would be great to play it in 320x200 pure old school resolution with no filters, no scaling :)

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Question: is 320x200 resolution supported?

Hi all.  Is possible to run rott in lowres (320x200)?  I love to play this kind of games with a crt tv 15khz (using a compatible analog ati card and the wonderful crtemudriver by calamity).

Looking changelog about release 1.02 I noticed this:

"Resolution: Removes the possibility to select resolutions below 640x480"

Please let me know

Thank you very much