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quanty bandit

A member registered May 09, 2022

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Thanks a lot! 

I made the soundtrack of our new game Maskonauts: Chat'Attack and some of the sound effects with 1BIT DRAGON.

I needed to make various looping chipwave musics with diverse inspirations from synthwaves, rock and even latino music.

We had a very short developpement period but I'm really happy with the result. I plan on doing more tracks!

What do you think ?

Thanks a lot ! The game is almost out :) (sorry for the late answer)

Exporting is not the problem, the export feature works fine. It's about reading the Midi file in Unity with samples :)

That would be awesome :) 

Have a nice day!

Thanks for your answer.

Do you have plans of making a player to play the samples of 1BitDragon in a Unity Game without having to generate a .wav file?


We are using 1BitDragon to make the soundtrack to our next mobile game. Thanks for this great DAW!

We are getting close to 30 tracks and would like to be able to use midi tracks for optimization purpose.

If I am not mistaken 1BitDragon is made with Unity, like our game. 

Is there a way to extract the instruments or use them in Unity with midi files?