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I think you could get around randomness by always hititing the first (or leftmost) card. Or do the pick. Could be different mechanics: Attacker picks vs defender picks.

Cantrip community · Created a new topic Boardgame?

Will you be making an analog version of Cantrip? is up.

I'm sending your game to its sponsor right now. I would love to hear a podcast episode where you talk about the design.

Thank you. If there are multiple cards were this is the case, a special text to indicate would be nice. Similiar to "causes Burning".

"Limited effect" .. there's a better name but that's the idea

Cantrip community · Created a new topic Won the game!
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And it's a good one. Great work dev.
Advanced modes look interesting.

Poison the well and wellspring seem to not stack. Would be good to have this listed on the card.

On a different computer I saw "Unable to find game" even though the game was unzipped to /Applications.
Does the presence of the .zip matter here? What is the cause for this error (paths?)


Tagging as a bug (questionably). Should a burning Soultrap count as hit? It did not activate and steal AP.

when you can play a card is inconsistent - I can play shared suffering when i have more cards than my opponent for no effect. I think I cannot play the spiked shields card when I have zero shields

Same for venom -- it says "$foe hits their own shield" instead of "Venom saps $foe's shield"

Ok thanks!

I think I should have more AP than this. Wellspring -> Wellspring -> Seance, only 1 AP?

That would be helpful but I think I understand it now, thanks!


Can someone explain to me how the cards you gain in battle work? I got "The Hunger" from a foe's chest and it's in my deck. Othertimes I steal cards and they don't stay.

With spiked shields the text does not match the effect.
I think(?) the damage was still done but I expected another "Player hits" after the opponent attacks.

1 bug - I use waning, text says I no longer feel sluggish (should be the enemy)

Fun game so far

/Applications launched, thanks

Immediately wishing for keyboard controls :) Excited to check this out though

Unable to find game on mac - that's what the popup says when I launch


Oh, that meant there was a Grail , Chest, Grail in that order?

Clicking alternated the grail + chest.. what is this about?

How do the gems work? I was able to click and spend a gem to reveal one of the gem slots when I had 4 gems (the fourth gem was bouncing). Cannot seem to do this with fewer gems...

Is there a button input for this?

One more gameplay suggestion: I've seen enemies turn around to hit. It would be neat if the facing of an enemy in the deduction views mattered - ambushing enemies from behind. (Would that make the player too powerful?)

Fun game!
A few experience/quality of life suggestions:
* cutscene sound volume is much higher than rest of game - a bit jarring, especially the crash.
* tell the player spacebar + arrow keys in the tutorial (at least 2 players didn't know about space for items -- I tried X and Z from playing many SHMUP and puzzle games)
* let players skip the intro island with a boat to the west of the spawn point after you have played the game once
* fix i for info/clicking showing explanation (doesn't work on OSX)
* put the deduction tutorial in your first screenshot! I first avoided this game at a glance bc I thought it was a mouse game dragging and dropping pieces until I heard otherwise. Show off the design a little :) it's a great twist on vision in roguelikes.

Gameplay feedback:
* player on last hit / dying next turn -> reach boat, should let them survive (gain 1hp back?) I was hoping this would have worked.. dramatic survival.

* more interactions between enemies would be cool. I want to make the horse archer fire an arrow at another enemy, or the tiger eat the bird.. (maybe this happens later, I got past island 7 and saw many new enemies!)

Overall a great game and I like the challenges of the later islands!

If you are a fan of puzzle games or rougelikes this is a great coffee break roguelike.

Will this work on mac with Wine?

Crash on mac in social services call

Hello, I tried with xattr -cr ~/Downloads/

which worked for

Unfortunately now I get error

Oh is that the issue? That's silly (for Apple)

Hey I remembered this made it work

xattr -cr ~/Downloads/The\ Strongholds\ of\

Hey ok. I tried on 10.14.6 got a damaged binary error. I think there's a way around this?

Is Mac build still behind a version from Windows?

I got the demo working by running xattr -cr ~/Downloads/

I tried chmoding the app and the Mac_Runner file inside the app of the demo. "This item is damaged and cannot be opened"

Will this work on 10.14.6?

Hello Keeweed, please check Tigsource thread for comments and questions.

Yes, I can run many jam games using wine. Can you upload a .zip of the .exe please?

Trying to unarchive on OSX. The Unarchiver says the .rar cannot be opened.

Can you  play this with only keyboard?