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I was really just hoping for the other game, but oh well

Where is that other game?I, uh... want to review your virus! That's right, your virus. I need it for my Cybersec System Hardening coursework. 

As an aside: Mad respect for even trying. Even if you just used google translate, bothering to answer questions in a language you don't speak is impressive customer service on a free product.

All good. I get being upset at the whining, I really didn't consider the context of my post.

I have weird compulsions and obsessions, where some part of my brain will rip me out of the story to point out dumb things and not let it go. Particularly things like distances and time are a weird thing for me. It's not that it makes the game bad, it's just a thing my brain notices and I have to make an effort to ignore it.

I'm also not a fan of using a car if it's not needed, but that's a different topic. 

I'm sorry my comment upset you, and I'm glad we could settle this in a friendly manner. Have Fun!

Chill, it was a question, not an attack. No need to get sarcastic with me. I'm sure Zargon can "defend" themselves well enough.

Also, you might want to stop assuming. You could end up looking very stupid.

How about we drop the hostility and go back to enjoying games? Have fun!

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Right, I just started, but I'm a passionate pedant, and gotta ask this:

The intro mentions he doesn't live far away, and later it says "several blocks away" - how the hell do you need a 15 min cab ride for that?

I don't know how far "several blocks" is, but it can't be more than a mile. Can't you walk that? They don't look that badly out of shape.

(Not hating on it, mind you, it just confuses me)

Edit: A bit later he says five blocks isn't too far to walk - so just how far is the other place? 

I've got a minor bug: When using a Great Liquid Flux, a normal one is consumed instead. 

Unfortunately, it also only restores 10 Flux, so it's not exploitable :D

Hey, I don't have a Windows system and figured I'd give running it on Linux a shot. 

Short version: I couldn't get it to work, despite trying several workarounds, including Wine.

I tried running the cef_main directly with python3, and get the error message that it tries to open the file /game/cefpython3/

.../Fleshcult/game/cefpython3/subprocess: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

That file indeed does not appear to exist in that directory. There is a libcef.dll, but no .so file.

By renaming the cefpython3 directory, I forced the import to use my native cefpython installation. The file is actually present there, but the issue persisted. I tried copying the shared object files over to the original cefpython3 version packaged with the game, but again the same error occurred.

At this point we're getting into the guts of ctypes and libcef, and I'm not proficient enough with CEFPython to further analyse this issue.

I don't know if you can do anything with this information, but I figured I'd let you know in case you can do more with it.


It's not an issue, really, more like an observation "huh, that's funny". I tend to pick up details like that all the time, and have a weird need to point them out. It didn't bother me at all, I just couldn't help myself.

Looking forward to new content, in any case. I really enjoyed it so far.

Uh, is there a reason the arrows on the road in the intro point the opposite way? Are we all going the wrong way?

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Tl;DR: Is there a way to view the logs? What fonts are you using?

Long Version: 

I'm playing on Linux (Ubuntu 20.04), and while the browser version (launching index.html from the app) works fine, it doesn't support fast-forward with ctrl (which I believe you're aware of, so I suppose there's little to be done about it).

I tried launching it with Wine, but it gets stuck on the very first "Now loading..." Screen. Is there any way I could attempt to debug that and figure out what's wrong? I didn't find any log files or anything I could check for obvious errors. Is there a way to enable logging? Maybe I could figure out a way to get it running with Wine and share it with others.

Mind you, I'm not asking you to support Wine or Linux, I'd be happy to work it out on my own. I understand you're busy already, and don't have the resources (as you said below about Mac and Spanish versions). I'm just asking if there's an easy starting point somewhere. 

Though a native Linux version would be a dream, of course - a wet one ;-)

edit: Superficial investigation suggests a font issue. I don't know if that's the core problem, or just a secondary issue, but I'd like to fix it anyways. Could you tell me the names of the fonts you're using so I can check if I am missing any?

I'm using Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS, I downloaded verison 0.23 Linux, tried it both without patch and with the latest patch. I launch the file 'CiC 0.23 Linux/ Game' via command line. On startup, a window pops up and I get the following console output and error message:

Any clue? What am I missing?

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--Accidental spoiler potential ahead: I haven't played it yet, but I have suspicions--

Uh, is the sigil in Keldran's bio clever foreshadowing or coincidence? Because if it's intentional, it's very much on the nose, in my opinion.

Edit: I saw anther comment mention Nephilim - unless you're using the word differently than I'm used to, it seems like too much of a coincidence...