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Honestly i think 3.5 is better than 4.0 becauseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee FUCKING 4.0 Is impossible

when u get to high levels the do like no damage

Anuke i only play on browser but it is still fun i was wondering if update 3.3 was featured for HTML5 version because i reaally want to play with all my friends and it is very frustating when I can´t save my game so please add more things for HTML5 please reply if u agree.

could you leave the html version up always because most games eventually just turn it into only DLC.

i had a idea of hacking it cuz it wuz so hard but when i looked at the code i "fainted"

I just wan't u to know can u i love this game it is the best game in the world I made an account so i could review one thing i think you shoud add is like a rechargable mech suit that u can use 2 kill things .Please reply that would be great!!!!!!!!!!!

can u please add it in to html5 version because i´m not allowed to download anything. Also can u please let me know if u can´t.