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Thanks for checking out the game! As with most jams, a few of the ideas you shared just didn't make it in unfortunately, but the feedback it still great. It's good to be queued in on the things that didn't fit so they could be priotitized better in future jams.

Regarding two of your comments more specifically the lever sprites were supposed to be torches as the sprite pack I used didn't have a toch specific, so I used the lever in the "up" position as a substitute. Sorry for any confusion! Second, the controls messing about was actually the "out of control" mechanic to fit with the jam's theme. While the concept of "adventurer is out of control" was thought of during brainstorming, the execution was not done very clearly. Basically, at half health, the movements become random. Yeah, really was not the best idea lol. A different idea I had but didn't have the time to figure out was to have him react to treasure and run straight for it, potentially into traps, but unfortunately that better idea didn't make it into the build on time.

Probably a longer reply than needed haha. Thanks again for playing the game and for your feedback! Every comment helps me toward being a better designer/developer!

Yeah definitely not the best mechanic in hindsight. While I think it had potential, the execution wasn't done very well. Certainly a lesson learned.

Had fun with your game. Chasing down the mower as it eviscerates some flowers laughing as I kick it, turning it into more.

I especially dug the music and sounds, so it's awesome to see you guys made the audio during the jam!

It took me a second to realize I wasn't dropping the red marbles, but once it all clicked I really enjoyed it. I had to laugh at myself for the minute or so it took me to figure out the mage's level, so that was a neat little puzzle that forced me to pay more attention.

I had a lot of fun playing this one! Thanks for making it!

Thanks for checking out our game and the feedback!

In hindsight, that is something that would have been pretty good to put in. Maybe like a potion or something that the adventurer would focus on finding or something. I think the "not listening" to commands mechanic could have certainly used some more polish. Admittedly, he just picks a random unblocked space to move to as that was the first idea I implemented and never expanded or improved.

I would like to further polish and expand the game after the jam is completed. If you'd like to check it out then, feel free to follow!

Thanks for checking out the game!!

Of all the ideas we came up with, this one really felt like it had the most potential to actually run with. I had to keep the scope in check for the jam, but have some ideas to expand on it in the future. If you have any specific ideas or suggestions for content, I'd love to hear them!!

Thanks for checking out the game! And for the feedback and tips!

Cramming everything in the description was definitely a late game move where I knew we didn't have the time to get anything in game unfortunately. It's something I think I need to keep in mind more for future jams is an easier way to convey controls and such in game.

Yeah, shoving all of the mechanics and "narrative" into a wordy description wasn't the best solution, but it was the best we had lol. I really appreciate the feedback, seeing it you mention the character feedback is definitely a missed opportunity. I feel something simple like changing the tint of the sprite could have easily gotten that across. Will definitely keep mechanic feedback in mind next time!!

Thanks for checking the game out!

Thanks for checking out the game! Also, yeah getting an in-game tutorial in place was pretty much the next thing on the list, but I just didn't have the time to implement lol, guessing I'll be seeing similar feedback from others, but it's good feedback to hear!

Yeah getting some kind of tutorial/guide in the game itself is something I really wish I was able to get in place, I expect it to be a frequent comment here haha. I appreciate you checking out the game and thanks for the feedback!

Fun game. Liked the art and sounds, gave the game a little more juice. I seemed to randomly die, but didn't bother me much. Great use of the 2 button theme as well!

Really enjoyed this one! Was a lot of fun to think through the solutions. Music was on point too! 

Enjoyed this game, you really made me want to find out what happened at 1044!