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Alexander Peterhans

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Heel mooi - als je het mooi zou inscannen, zou ik ervoor betalen.

This is just the cutest. And looks like a nightmare to cut out.. ;)

Very nice!

You had me at Ghostwatch.

Oh wow, this looks great. Character building through forms. You are one of the most interesting and creative designers/artists on itch.


Hey, added your comic to Goodreads!

A Conflictus, for the rest of us!

That seems to work! How is it deceptive, btw?

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When you hit 'Paypal' or 'Pay with card', you get an error saying "You must pay at least $9.99"

I have seen others offering similar price structuring, so it should be possible. Maybe it's linked to a limited number? If so, you could keep a tally yourself, and remove the option at a 100 sales?

You're killing me with this art! (In a good way!!)

Love the art!

Good title!

Looks great!

Looks lovely.

I've only just downloaded your diary, so I've only had a quick look, but I looooove the look of the scanned pages..! Looking forward to reading it properly.

Your work looks great!

Lovely art.

Bought it! :)

Love the art.

Yep yep this looks good if not great. [citation needed]

Great update! I "liked" it.

Lichoma community · Created a new topic Looks wild

Next on my to-buy list.

Good work. Please don't sue MrT04st3r.

Your work looks brilliant! Buying the lot at the end of the month.

Looks beautiful!

Love this. I think.

Looks beautiful.

Well this all sounds delightfully nuts. Backed you on Kickstarter, hope your campaign gets a lot more traction!

Love the art in this! Really atmospheric. Hope you can add more in a final version.

This looks excellent! Added it to Goodreads:


Excellent concept.

Snow Hack community · Created a new topic Wow 2

Interestingggg... I thought you were dropping the Batts name?

.. forever toiling away.. ;)

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I've added your itch books up to and including this one to Goodreads.

Your work is absolutely stunning!

Smile, you're on Goodreads!! :P

Happy birthday!!

Still must be one of the prettiest (and mildly devastating) book titles I've ever come across.