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Thank you! I plan to make the soundtrack downloadable for free :)

Hmm, there may not be much we can do right away, sorry... Turning off vsync and making the window smaller might reduce the CPU load somewhat.

Thank you! Have you updated to the latest version? 1.0.2 and higher versions have a much smaller CPU load than 1.0.1.

I'm considering it, but not soon anyway. The game would be good for mobile phones:)

Thanks for the comment. Currently, we don't have enough budget and time to continue the project so we halted the project. We are instead working on a smaller game (which is called Yugo Puzzle). When we get enough budget, we will restart the project.

Thank you! I already started making the next chapter and I hope it will be finished until August. 💪

Thank you for making the gameplay, but it seems the game is running extremely slow on your computer. That's not expected behavior. It would be helpful if you gave me your computer's specs.

Thank you! I appreciate.