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could you run it from console, and give me the output? sorry for a late reply

btw. you must be in the same directory as the game is in

I used SFML for rendering, keyboard input and sound and wrote everything else myself.

Well, sorry, it seems fine to me, I don't see any problems. Maybe you could add an exit in the option that ends the game

Which part is failing exactly? I can't test your code since I'm on Linux, but I know some Batch so I might be able to help

I added a github link

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  • Language: Java
  • Engine: libgdx
  • IDE: Intellij Idea
  • Graphics: Gimp
  • Sounds: sfxr
  • Music: don't know, may use LMMS

I'll add a link to source if I have something more than basic tests

Github link

Will the theme be announced at the beginning of the jam or it is not a specific one?