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Is it really worth buying the game? Can you get all the content for free on the mobile version?

I see multiple games like this, with their stats on the side the save button ETC and the same choices type of coding. Is there like a website or something to create these games on?

Also I think you can encounter Ste on Sunday, either that or only once cause I just got it on sunday.

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Aight thanks, you've been a real help recently, and around what time do I go for the night visit, and its at his house right?

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Ah I only did that once, I have to sleep until morning to encounter that correct, or are you talking about a different event? Also if you could tell me about my logan problem, I have him stuck at a certain like after the beta wolf and alpha wolf fight where I switched characters with him, I gave him a couple gifts and now his like wont go up at all.

I have my Ste stuck at 55 Like and 2 Hearts and I heard people can get more like but how? Nothing I do right now gives me like for him.

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He didn't is there a way to get him back? If not something game breaking like that would need to be fixed.

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Is there something I have to do to do the country road event? Its telling me to go home and use the sleep until morning option but when I do nothing happens. If you don't know the country road event is for Ste.

When I press run game, all it does is put me in the cover photo and nothing happens, how is this fixed or is it suppose to do that?