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book has affected me for days, was sickened and amazed in numerous scenes! Wild act of solidarity in Trianon, "There is nothing I could do to you that you wouldn't deserve", cried a LOT, also extremely hot. every submission I have ever wanted for myself is here. amazing job, I don't know what to do.

i have given birth to it, thank you kit

Ohoh ! great idea! This sounds like something you would excel at producing, picking this up right now...

dear remy , this is a good joke and I also appreciate what you got into with disctop. will you push further into desktop pets? the sensitivity of a cursor toy is a delicate thing. I want to be able to throw down a fiddle on any part of my display and strum it idly... In a sense I think idiosyncratic little desktop sprites are the final promise of the 500+ Cursor Smiley Set Toolbar. I wonder if I could find some software on that order still available...

Aww Remy Youve Literally Outdone Yourself

Full review follows:


this game comes out on my birthday and you are legitimately my favorite, blessed be. I am eager to see this world and will run it down in one sitting, I am sure. Nuts to your session time suggestions, I'll beat this game day one because I love a tall drink of water. Where do I sign up

Happy birthday, Love,

spoiler, striking through

My Ending A was a run where I could not find the elevator key and had convinced myself it would never be found, that this PC would die in his apartment for having failed to leave it despite knowing better. I was touched by this tragedy! I began to despair of my options and tapped on the couch object for at least twenty seconds, I wondered if you had put it there so as to get a rise out of me. Then I found the key in the cabinet, rode the elevator and wandered in the hall for ten seconds before the black out.

My Ending B run I hit the cabinet right away but missed the message which I guess gave me the key, and I didn't see the E icon in the corner of my screen because I was looking at my cursor instead. I searched the whole apartment quickly then eventually went out to the elevator. This time I made it out the front door and was crushed? Then I did another run where I went straight for the door and got the same ending. I liked it!

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Hey this made me feel a little nice

edit: thanks