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There will be a sub weapon with at more defensive utility. It's not a dodge, but it can be used to help position for cranking undisturbed. Different combinations of relics can also enhance different play styles. Other than that, the core combat loop will more or less be what you see in the demo.

Interesting. Roughly how many times did you upgrade AP? Don't think I've coded max caps for the stats yet, but I thought the GUI would break or crash the game if a player upgraded too much.

Edit: Took me way longer to figure out than it should've. The code seemed fine, but I had mixed up maxPlayerAP with maxPlayerHP and I didn't see the typo at first. Thanks for reporting. :)

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Ah, there’s probably been a few changes to the name of rooms and some variables between the builds. This makes old save data wonky at best. I planned to add a save data version check, but never got to it. I’ll add a line about not using old save data  Thanks!

Selecting “new game” and entering a new room to trigger auto save should “fix” your problems, i.e. once the game has new save data “continue” should work as intended. Let me know if it doesn’t. 

Edit: Found a bug that would crash the game (forgot to declare a portrait to use after the first dialogue box, would only crash the game if you spoke to the NPC after reloading a game). Added a save version check while at it  and pushed out a new update, version 0.31. 

What an honor to have your first comment be on my game! My goal is to integrate the crank into the gameplay loop in a meaningful way.

I think it would look better, but I'm not sure if it would feel better, at least not for player movement. The movement would be less responsive due to "input lag". The player technically moved but you have to wait for the animation to finish before you can do your next action. It would probably work for a game without combat or at most range combat. Not so much for melee combat.

If things go well I will look into porting the game to PC or Gameboy with proper smooth movement. :)

Thanks! The grid based movement is unfortunately a limitation of Pulp. There are ways to fake smooth movement or rather create the illusion of it, but the movement will still be tied to the grid. 

Yeah, the dock/undock could also be used to change states. That gives you two actions when docked and two additional actions + crank when undocked. From there you could go into a crank state to get additional actions. Don't think that's practical, though. Would probably be a bit too fiddly. :D

Oh no! That means I have to work to deliver on my promises now. :D

Thanks for playing the demo and taking time to write down your thoughts!

Glad you like the game so far. There is absolutely an  element of rhythm to the combat (partly due to rigidness and limitations of the web based game engine) that rewards well-timed attacks and careful spacing. 

I'm aiming to release the full game this year with 7-8 areas and accompanying dungeons. Making steady progress. It would be faster if I didn't have a day job and a toddler to care for.

I’m not sure how works or when it sends out notifications, but I will announce it on every channel I have access to when the game is finished. 

I would love to use the top right menu button, but that button is not available in games made with Pulp.

Thanks, mate!