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This is hands down the most scary game I've played in my whole life. I've never never never had a game make me take off my headphones and just not want to walk. This game has given me a sense of dread so powerful. This is a must play but is terrifying.

me when racist game

Sorry about this review

I have many problems with this game. The title screen has nothing interesting. the controls are super shitty, walking is somehow even worse, you jump so high you hit the ceiling. The computer thing just plays a video which I guaranty is called "Unsettling images with minecraft cave sounds" which goes on for way too long. The first time I played it the game broke after watching it. The 2nd time right after I moved the same thing happened. Not playing this a 3rd time because it sucks.

Made an account just to say that this game is really good. The sound design is amazing and even though there was like only 1 jumpscare it really got me. Short but good