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I am working on it as much as I can!

Thanks! Trying to finish before the end of the year.

I think the bug has been fixed - did you turn the diving board wheel to move it closer to the wall?

Great! Enjoy your upgrade :)

So sorry it isn't working for you :(

 You can request a refund through support (I would do it myself but Itch doesn't let me). I should stress that this game needs a dedicated GPU.

Don't worry, the voice isn't going away! It's just now relegated to lines that the character would realistically say out loud. The internal dialogue makes more sense in text form anyways.

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In the sense that a large spider hanging over your head is a jumpscare - noticing it might make you shout, but it could have been there for a good 20 minutes.

*spoilers* - the first level has one jumpscare where you suddenly fall down a ventilation shaft.

Release will be on Itch and Steam at the same time. I plan to finish before the year is over. I will announce a specific release date a month or two beforehand.


Nope! Still working away, planning a release before 2022.


I actually agree, and the final game will reflect on these points. Thanks for the feedback!

Go as far as you can into the labrynth! You should be able to stumble across an exit

Hi Luciano, I'm sorry it hasn't been working for you! What are the specs of your computer? My working theory right now is that this is related to a lack of dedicated GPU.

This is the first I've heard of these bugs! I will make sure to do lots of testing with low framerates, thanks for the feedback.


Sorry to hear that! The valve enables a particle effect that runs on the GPU, so you might not be able to run it without a dedicated graphics card.

God damn. This is some awesome stuff for a free game! I love procedural generation, you guys rock.

I mean, chapter 1 isn't even done yet!

That's an interesting idea! I'll look into putting in a feature like that. Glad you liked it


Glad you liked it! The movement was definitely a little fudged and I have tried to fix that in a recent update. At this time I do not have any plans for VR.

I appreciate the compliments and the criticism! I am of the persuasion that VR games and 2D games should be designed completely separately, due to the incredible differences in design and experiences of the mediums. However, if there is a large demand I might consider it...

For sure! There are definitely a few things I could hint at in the game. Level design is all about guiding the player to the optimal experiences.

Thank you so much! I really had fun making it and I'm glad you enjoyed it too.

Unfortunately this game is linear, and requires the terrifying stuff to complete. As much as I'd love a more 'open world' approach, I'm a solo developer with limited resources!

Thank you!

You can find the music at these youtube links:

All very useful feedback! I have fixed some of the unintended player movement issues that seem to have affected your playthrough, jumping is actually supposed to be slightly higher than most fps controls.

Yes. The demo will be updated to the full game when it's ready.

Loved the video! Yeah the flap is there for other purposes but I thought it would be funny to leave it in there.


I should have put a warning at the beginning! The pause menu is definitely up there with needed features...