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Very impressive! I certainly understand negativity towards the tickets and I'm glad people care enough to make the game enjoyable to them. I'm thinking of adding some ways to customize gameplay so people don't have to do any reverse-engineering ;)

  • Fixed a bug that disabled the 'resume' button when returning to the main menu
  • Removed a situation where the golf course ejects players into the void
  • Removed invisible panel that trapped players in the lower dark pool section
  • Added more scary to the dark pool section
  • Added save dialogues to make autosave more obvious
  • Added more tickets to conference rooms
  • Made tickets easier to pick up when reaching for them

Download the most recent version of Anemoiapolis: Chapter 1 from this store page to play now. Thanks so much for all of the support over the years, I'll be checking in to fix new bugs and see what people have to say!

Hi! Full version will be out on both platforms. I will distribute steam keys as I can, but there is a numbered limit to how many keys I have. There are a few thousand more beta players than keys so I will figure that out when I get there!

If you move the .exe file away from its original folder, it won't have the game data it needs to start. If you put all of the contents in a single directory it should work!

I hope this helps

Yes. It's one of my biggest regrets with the beta! I'm adding an extensive settings menu right now which will allow head-bob to be turned off. Also, the new camera shake is a lot more tame, has no tilting rotation, and stays fixed on the foreground. I'm also adding comprehensive rebinding options so that the game is accessible to disabled gamers and regional keyboards.

Sorry about that! Did you get it working? I think you may have moved the game .exe file outside of its parent folder, which will generate "xyz not found" errors.

Odd. Is it in the same spot every time? My first instinct is that a particle effect in the later section is trying to run on a GPU that it can't use/find. What is your current processor and graphics card?

ninthacolyte, you're not the only one! It's definitely too egregious, I forget that I have a weird tolerance to motion sickness that others do not have.

This will be an accessibility feature and will certainly be included.

Thanks for the feedback! I am actually in the process of adding all those things, I guess great minds think alike :)

I'm sorry about this! I have a much much much more robust control system in the works right now that will work great for you on final release. I've tested it on sub-10 fps and it's doing great. If you do not want to wait, you can request a refund as described here.

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Hello! Here are some things that you might have encountered, and what I'm doing to fix them!

Windows Smart Screen blocks game from running

  • Bypass by clicking 'more info' on the popup screen and selecting 'run anyways'.
  • This is an unfortunate side effect of independent development, Microsoft does not recognize that I am an official publisher (yet)

Jumping is too short on low-end machines

  • This is a very common issue and I am very sorry about it! I am working pretty diligently to make sure there are zero differences between low and high frame rate controls. That said, you likely fall very short of the minimum system requirements, but I still think it should still function at a basic level.
  • The temporary fix right now is to lower your system resolution to boost your frame rate. This will not be necessary on final release.
  • If you don't think this is a satisfying answer, I will totally understand if you need to refund! You can do so by contacting Itch support.

Excessive camera movement

  • Another issue with variable frame rates, unfortunately. I'm revising it to feel more realistic and less 'seasick'. Also, there will be a feature to turn the head bob on and off.

The settings menu is greyed out

  • This is true for everyone, there were too many problems with the options menu at the time of beta release, but I'm working on a comprehensive options menu. This includes graphics, sound, display, and accessibility options like input rebinding and head bob toggle.

Black sky in the first level

  • Sometimes this can be fixed by updating your drivers. Otherwise, you may not have enough memory to store the sky image in RAM. There are not many levels with a visible skybox, so hopefully the rest of your experience will be more immersive!

Pool has sections that are way too bright

  • This is a problem with the camera's exposure adaption setting. This is a simple change and I will address it.

Why can't I slide down the slides?

This is a highly requested feature, so I will satisfy your needs. Stay tuned...

Let me know if there are others I haven't covered here! Thanks again for all of your support :)

Yup! All the rooms are segmented randomly and populated with models. It's a sign of things to come ;)


For some reason, my custom application thumbnail triggers Windows Smart Screen when Anemoiapolis is launched. Clicking 'run anyways' solves this, but it's so annoying. How many of you got stopped by Windows 10 when playing for the first time?

A simple yes or no answer will suffice. Also, I love all of you!

-Andrew, Dev

Odd. I think the next level isn't loading like it should. It could be a slow hard drive thing or maybe an error with the level loading process. Have you encountered this multiple times?

That's unusual! What areas have you been through before this happened?

No. I like money

For free!

Probably a rendering bug. Have you tried updating your drivers? Also, older hardware is known to cause issues with rendering the outdoor sky scenes (pre-2015 GPUs or older).

That's some good info for me to use. Thanks for sharing!

I'm still chugging along :}

Here's some screenshots I've posted on my socials (level spoilers ahead)


I commend anyone who has the determination and patience to do speed running, for I do not. Thanks for sharing!

Nope! You have access to the whole thing including the future final version.

Let's be honest here, I was pretty bad at estimating when the last few updates came out so I'm just going to say 2022 and hope I'm in the ballpark 😬

Hello Keane! Unfortunately Chromebooks don't run windows. You can refund the game with Itch customer support. I suggest deleting the file by right clicking it and selecting 'delete'.

Possibly my favorite playthrough!

Thanks for playing! You put a lot of work into your videos, and it shows.

This is a known bug. Sorry you had to experience it! Essentially there are parts of the character physics that are tied to frame rate (and somehow in an attempt to avoid this, I may have made it worse). I would not encourage anyone to play the game if they do not meet the requirements, even despite the physics issues. You are welcome to request a refund. I will be working towards fixing this but it won't be fixed during the beta sadly.

IGP did some excellent sound editing to make the game more tense, I love it

Yup! Thanks for playing, you have a keen eye.

I didn't have enough time to implement options, so I greyed it out. Sorry about that!

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Here's Alpha Beta Gamer's excellent preview:

Did you make a video about Anemoiapolis? Put it in the comments!

When it comes out of Beta this year.  Steam is more suited for fully released games, especially after building up wishlists!


Here's a post for people to discuss the game after playing it. What did you like? What did you dislike? Are there any interesting details that stuck out to you?

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Hi everyone!

I've decided to convert the old comments section into a forum. I don't know if there's a way to see the old comments, but I appreciated all of the community discussion and I hope there will be more! Anyways, I prefer this to making a Discord (official Discords are better for multiplayer games in my opinion).

Anyways, I hope you like the new update. It's a project of passion.

The same as it is now!