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ok so for what i remmenber i first did the bug to get into the conductors seat, then i start to go forward until the bus fell, then i push myself through the door to get out, once the first bus got stuck, another one will respawn, so i just let it go to the other bus since they all follow the same route. smth like that, i may post a video on how i did the bug if i manage to replicate it again. 

this is the best game ever, truly an experience. i played this with a friend and we just realice the joke in the name and the fact that you are shooting hitlers moustache(also hitler without moustache is the most cursed thing i had ever seen)

truly a morb-game, i wasnt specting much when i first so it but this game just changed my whole life, i cant believe how good the soundtrack is like omg i just love every single thing about it, the morals that left me are truly exceptional. Im able to say that now i know when its morbing time. 

this game isnt just a game is a whole experience, the story is just a simple yet unique masterpiece wth graphics that didnt look like they were made in these universe, like god i even thought that my laptop wouldnt support it. The soundtrack truly knows how to capture your feelings and make you cry when needed, this game, if we can even call it like that is out of this world and for the best of the reasons. These is the peek of the sonic games and i dont think im able to experience something like this ever again.

I love this game, while i was playing i found out i can do this kind of stuff, it fixed afther the fourth bus so its ok 

this game is exactly what i was searching for, quite uncanny but you dont need a screamer or something to make it feel off. i took some pictures! imma post one of my favorites!