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Truly a Great game, Mr. Drifty!

The story is entertaining and engaging, no character was boring or uninspired, and the balance was right! I just had some difficulty with the Sanguine Dragon, but that was because I was underlevelled and...well, he kinda kicked my butt...

If I really had to point out an issue, from my knowledge atleast, there were some grammatical errors, but then again, I can't say since English isn't my main language.

Still, a fun time playing this, and a fun time watching you finish this amazing game on stream! Keep up the good work!

Hello, Aekashics, I would like to inform you that I'll most probably use some of the art in this pack for my very first project, that I intend to call "Wonders Beyond", as I find it simply stunning! I will make sure to credit you! I hope it is all right by you too.